April 30

Trey Fontaine
Bizarrely, and for reasons too long and dull to explain, I’ve released an album of odd rock guitar instrumentals under the pseudonym Trey Fontaine. [more inside]

April 29

The Gray Area
After two and a half years of work -- recording and editing some 300 hours of audio with dozens of actors -- I have started releasing the second season of my audio drama. Nineteen episodes (including a forthcoming seven part epic set between 1994 and 2023), 120 speaking roles, and I wrote nearly a thousand pages. The series involves parallel universes, wisecracking demons, revolutionaries, exuberant aliens fond of American nostalgia, and, above all, an examination of love and empathy.

April 28

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Deanna (TNG edition)  
A while back, I went looking for a TNG version of Deanna – not finding one, I obviously had to make one myself. [more inside]

April 27

Service Ribbons in CSS
Service ribbons commemorate a soldier's participation in war, campaign or battle starting with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Ribbons are made of cloth and steel. This project is about creating them with HTML & CSS.

TV Opening Sequences Quiz  
Identify each TV show by a single frame taken from their opening titles. All those years spent on the sofa watching mindless entertainment can finally pay off, if only in Internet glory. [more inside]

April 25

Red Ticket: A Story of Collapse
1993 was the most brutal of the post-collapse years in Moscow, and it was also the year I moved there without really knowing any better. I woke up in a society where few institutions functioned, mobsters in tracksuits flourished, and chewing gum was worth more than money. Red Ticket is my memoir about Russia after it lost the Cold War (remember when we used to say that?), and about social and personal collapse. [more inside]

April 23

Basho poems
Each day, I post a Basho poem. These are my own translations. [more inside]

April 21

Content-aware concrete
I made a new website for my art practice, and, while my last show and newest work is textile-based, I thought MetaFilter might like my 2015 exhibition Screen Wall, featuring concrete breeze blocks I designed by (mis)using Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill. [more inside]

April 17

Sharing feelings and creative opportunities during lockdown
I worked with a group of young creative / technical folks (mostly POC) to create an emotional mapping site. Tag a location and share how you're feeling — and check out the three opportunities for funded creative 'residencies'. [more inside]

Every Day A Song
It took a plague to slow me down enough to realize a years-held dream: posting a new video to youtube every day (almost) of me playing the guitar and singing a song. Been at it for a couple of weeks now and it's going pretty good! Covers so far include Lucinda Williams, Woody Guthrie, Doc Watson, and Steven Universe, plus a bunch by Trad of Itional, and I would describe the musical style as crude but heartfelt. Hope you enjoy!

April 16

Due to COVID-19: Documenting the Signs of the Pandemic  
I'm crowdsourcing a photo collection of all the COVID-19 closure signs that have popped up all over our communities. I'd love to include photos from your city! [more inside]

Cuddle Call
cuddlecall.me connects you with your favorite cute, cuddly animals directly over video chat. [more inside]

April 14

Maersk Container ship model made from wood
I built this single shipping container model made from wood. It was part of a larger project, but I can only take credit for this small tiny section. This single element was used as a template to fabricate the other containers that you will see in this video. I double-checked the rules. Although this has a business element, I'm only referencing the container as my project. Although I'm a manager, I do on occasion like to get my hands dirty. Here is the video that shows the full project just in case you wanted to see how this large 5-foot model came together. BUILD VIDEO PS. If you think this is spammy or promotional in anyway, Please let me know and i will take it down.

This is All Perfectly Normal
I started knocking out a 3-panel comic strip (mostly) daily since this whole "shelter in place" thing forced everybody to stay home and confront the abyss of boredom yawning away before them. [more inside]

April 12

Visualizing Covid-19 spread in the US
1 minute video showing incredible spread of Covid-19 in the US using county case counts from the NYT. Interactive map is here: https://covid-19-map.leshill.app [more inside]

April 10

Restoring 100- to 200-year-old woodworking planes
For the last year I've been taking wooden woodworking planes from the 1800s and early 1900s and getting them back in working condition. [more inside]

A silly single page website I put up for April Fools, inspired by the line "the stock market is just astrology for men". [more inside]

April 9

Ultimate Quarantine House Selection!  
A little toy that generates fresh instances of the "Pick Your Quarantine House" meme/game. Potential roommates are drawn from a pool of 3000+ celebrities and historical figures. [more inside]

"He stabbed her with a corn knife / That's how his crimes begin."
I've been writing about murder ballads on PlanetSlade for a while now, but this essay's a little different. It's all about the 1893 murders of the Wratten family in Daviess County, Indiana. You may recall the folk song about these killings being used in the final episode of The Haunting of Hill House, where Poppy Hill's ghost recites its lyrics to a terrified Hugh. PlanetSlade's research into the real killings behind this song began with a couple of readers letters, sparked a full-blown investigation on Matt Aukamp's Every Folk Song podcast and has now produceded a new PlanetSlade essay. To unravel it all in some kind of logical order, start here. [more inside]

April 8

Cooking Is Coping: One Funny Recipe Video a Week
I'm a standup comic in NYC, and I'm starting a video series called "Cooking is Coping" - I cook to cope with depression and anxiety. I'll demonstrate a recipe while doing jokes and answering audience questions. [more inside]

April 7

Get Afraid's Joy Generator
A fun little tool to distract you at home. Tap button. Get joy. [more inside]

April 5

Boston Driving School
Initially this was meant to be a series of comics about Boston drivers, who never cease to amaze me with their inventive ways of motoring, thus making me wonder what exactly the local driving schools were teaching. And then...it kind of morphed into a jumble of random sketches. One day I will redraw these properly, but that day is not today.

"Bird" by Hamid Naderi Yeganeh
A mathematically-defined picture of a bird. [more inside]

April 3

Pandemic Lit
My colleague and I co-host a monthly live literary show called Write Club, which pits writers against each other in timed bouts on opposing concepts. While we're all quarantined, we're continuing on with a series of video bouts. First installment is up now, with more to come in the weeks to follow. [more inside]

How many pigeons fit in a child
I was asked by a child who lives nearby how many pigeons I thought would fit into the same space as my 5 year old child. This is a question that can be answered! [more inside]

April 2

Voleflix public domain movie site  
I trawled some lists of public domain movies (lots of great film noir) and put together my own version of Netflix. It also has daft Voleflix Originals and rates your taste in movies from your watchlist.

March 31

A Hundred And One Tales, and The New Brothers Grimm
For the last few years, I've been working on a weekly fairy tale project called A Thousand And One Tales (previously posted here at 25 tales, 50 tales, and 75 tales), which has now reached Tale #101 with A Story In The Afternoon, a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. To celebrate this arbitrary milestone, I put together a remix/cut-up project of old Brothers Grimm tales and made 13 new Brothers Grimm tales (The 1st New Tale, The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th). Meanwhile, A Thousand And One Tales continues with Tale #102: You Don’t Have To Read This, But I Hope You Do, a retelling of another famous tale. [more inside]

March 26

How You Doing Your Quarantine?
Comedian and Director Victor Varnado and I made a song and several comedians (Marina Franklin, Stacey Nightmare, John Gemberling, Hannibal Buress and many more) helped out with the video.

March 25

Stop the World I Want to Get Off
I a delirium I invented lyrics in real time to the Anthony Newly musical Stop the World I Want to Get Off, which I have never seen and know nothing about.

March 24

quarantimer: a coronavirus quarantine timer web app for your things
Forget "can I eat this?", the question of the day is "can I touch this?" Finding myself with a porch full of things in various stages of quarantine, I made this app to keep track of how long you need to wait until any coronavirus on an item has probably degraded. [more inside]

In Praise of Borders Radio Archive
An archive of my 2004/2005 radio show's set lists (with album covers, links to music videos or artist websites where possible, and liner notes). The show was about more-or-less-contemporary world music, w/ a focus on genre/cultural crossover instead of traditional folk forms. [more inside]

March 22

COVID-19 - Should I Stay Home?
Reading AskMe posts about staying home or going out (and rigid employers) on Metafilter turned into questions I asked myself about when it made sense to go outside, with a focus on this one: What if I'm already infected? [more inside]

March 21

PLEDGE The Public Radio Fund Drive Audiobook
On the first day of summer, in June 2019, I self published my book on public radio and the pledge drive. On the first day of spring, in March 2020, I uploaded the audiobook version after three months of reading, editing and mastering the audio. Whew!

March 20

Beauty and Grace in the Time of Covid-19
I've begun a group on Facebook intended to be a respite from the horrible news of the coronavirus and instead to celebrate the moments or acts of grace and beauty that has arisen as a result of it. This may be singing from the balconies of Italy, art, people helping others, swans and dolphins in the canals of Venice, or the like. [more inside]

March 19

All Up In My Grille
A blog of grille, vent, and ventilation elements in buildings, and other minor architectural details.

March 17

Old Fashioned (tech)
I stress-made this cocktail database browser, so you can now enjoy it! It's simple and to-the-point but also has some fancy tricks up its sleeve, like narrowing down recipes by what you have and showing 'neighbor' recipes! [more inside]

March 16

Local Corona Stuff
The WHO has a list of coronavirus commodities (copy at the bottom of the page here since their link is busted today)... which has significant overlap with things that a lot of people may already have at home, and feed bad about hoarding, and maybe be willing to drop off at their local hospital. Boiled down, this site is just two lists: a set of stuff to potentially donate (from people who have stuff), and a set of needs from potential recipients (for example hospitals that need masks). [more inside]

March 15

Tracking the US Government Response to Coronavirus
I created a website tracking US federal legislation and regulations responding to coronavirus and COVID-19. [more inside]

March 9

Big Deal or No Big Deal
Guess which Wikipedia articles are most popular and win big! I made a game that mashes up Wikipedia data with Deal or No Deal's mystery briefcase gameplay. [more inside]

March 8

Visualizing COVID19 with interactive programming
I wanted to better understand the COVID-19 situation, so I found some open data, wrote some programs to create bar charts and choropleth maps, open-sourced the code, and blogged about it. [more inside]

March 1

Greens Alignment Chart
I was inspired by discussions between people of African diasporas living in the United States to create a cheeky alignment chart of how the standard dish of "greens" might be interpreted. Happy eating, however you prepare your collards, kales, or otherwise.

February 29

YOU (September 1994 – June 1996)
YOU (September 1994 – June 1996) is an autobiographical short story that attempts to recreate what it felt like being a 16 to 18 year old at school in the 90s.

February 20

A Slovenian Memoir Twitter bot
A Slovenian Memoir is a twitter bot that randomly generates bits of a travel memoir set in one of the loveliest places in the world. It's up and running, but I am always adding to it or tinkering with it (source code here} and if anyone has feedback or suggestions, I welcome them.

Turtle Town
Your people live in a city on the animal, a gigantic turtle. It is time for her to go to the ocean and lay her eggs. Can you survive the trip? A strategy game about ever-changing environments. [more inside]

The Amazing Kondoizer
I wanted to selectively bulk-delete over 10 years of tweets, and wrote yet another web app that let me do that. But then I wanted to avoid getting into this situation in the future, so I also implemented automatic deletion of tweets based on an expiry string I call the slashtag. For example, a tweet that contains the string #/1h will be deleted a little over an hour after it's published. So far it's working out for me.

February 12

To create ‘the ultimate comic strip for millennials’, I gathered a list of tiresome “millennials are killing X” articles and made a page that generates speech bubbles over Jamie Smart’s artwork featuring Avocado, Toast and the delightful Mister Boomer.

Experience by Bike Ep 5 — Ev Kane and the Pacific Coast Bike Route
My friend Seth interviews me about the bike tour I did last summer: “In June of 2019 Ev embarked on a tour along the famous Pacific Coast Bike Route from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA. In this episode Ev talks about their experience planning for the trip, and shares stories about the ride itself.” [more inside]

January 31

Life Modeling Facebook Group
I'm inviting you to join this new Facebook group I've created in celebration of my 100th life modeling gig on July 14th, 2019! Now exceeding 120 members ... [more inside]

Unicode Text Transformer
This little web toy converts latin text into unicode variants. It translates spaces and some punctuation into full-width variants when the glyphs in the variant are generally square-ish, otherwise it leaves them alone. 𝔜𝔬𝔲 𝔠𝔞𝔫 𝔲𝔰𝔢 𝔦𝔱 𝔱𝔬 𝔪𝔞𝔨𝔢 𝔱𝔢𝔵𝔱 𝔩𝔦𝔨𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔰. 𝓐𝓷𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼.

January 29

Generative Texts
Generative Texts is a new kind of publisher. Rather than utilise humans, our publishing process is entirely AI driven, ensuring our texts meet the demands of our post-human future. As a publisher of AI-created, initiated, designed, and honed works, Generative Texts releases books exploring themes of interest to human and post-human minds alike, such as Irrational Numbers, Linguistics, the number One, the un-number Zero, and, in Brexit: The Commemorative Text, even politics, a subject previously considered beyond the interest of artificial minds. All our works are available to buy in splendidly produced machine-automated output forms, both in perpetual paper-based releases as well as in more ephemeral electronic data-propagations.

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