July 12

Random Generators
When I get bored, I make random generators. Mostly story/plot or art prompt generators, but there's also one for pub and tavern names, and a collaboration with Yoon Ha Lee on a Tarot-type card reading generator based on the Machineries of Empire series.

Extended Play
Extended Play is a fanzine devoted to retro, indie and niche gaming interests. Our first issue is out! It is free to download, looks pretty slick, and has lots of fun and interesting features. There is also a print version on sale.

How to Be Anxious  
A longform user's guide to anxiety.

We've Been Had
We've Been Had is a podcast dedicated to walking through the catalog of the band Uncle Tupelo song by song. Said walking is done by a couple of idiots from Minneapolis who have been fans of the band for a couple of decades. Discussion is erudite and ridiculous, occasionally digressing into whether a store that sells liquor and guns would get robbed a lot, or what's really going on in that Loverboy song about working for the weekend. Also, Son Volt and Wilco get brought up a lot.

July 10

The Tapestry of the Search for Terrestrial Intelligence  
I took some degraded low quality audio from a youtube video of a copy of the Voyager Golden Record, and turned it into a 44 yard long tapestry, now on view at Science Gallery Dublin. I'd been obsessed for a couple of years with the ghostly imagery I'd recovered from the crappy audio - you can almost see the message from Earth hiding in the static just beyond reach - and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Lots of pictures and info at the blog post!

My debut novel, Half-Witch, is published today by Big Mouth House, an imprint of Small Beer Press. [more inside]

July 9

Drawings of Landscapes, Portraits of Cats
an illustration portfolio [more inside]

July 8

Oh, Boy! Daily journal comic
This is my daily journal comic, "Oh, Boy!". I announced it here about a year ago (I think). Lots has changed in the style and format, and it recently moved from my website to instagram. I now post a comic every evening by simply taking a photo of my sketchbook w/ my phone and zapping it onto Instagram. This makes the comic a lot easier to keep up w/, as I was scanning each comic and coloring in Photoshop. I hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks, Jed

July 6

An accumulation of things
An accumulation of things is a website collecting together lots of pieces of my writing, including various short stories, fairy tales, picture books, and comics. [more inside]

June 28

Occupy ICE NYC
Occupy ICE NYC is a 24/7 protest to mobilize resistance against Immigration and Customs Enforcement, hold public space, interfere with deportations, and Abolish ICE. #OccupyICENYC #AbolishICE [more inside]

June 25

Jazz Hands [Tumblr]
I've been collecting screenshots of hands/fingers from various anime.

New Yorker Cartoon Captions
Every week I enter the New Yorker caption contest by literally describing the cartoon, and will continue to do so until I win. This is that collection.

June 24

Tom Scola Photography
I finally got around to making a portfolio site of my color and black & white film photography, mostly around Brooklyn.

On the 25th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. Movie we have to look at how it anticpaited 2018 with a rule by a narcissistic idiot with werid hair and ongoing ecological collapse.

An Impractical Key Cabinet
My first automaton! A clockwork cabinet built mostly for fun and whimsy, but I thought it would be nice to make it slightly practical as well. [more inside]

June 20

Parallax: space opera for the New Sincerity.  
Imagine you're watching funny-animal Star Trek. Except every other episode is from the point of view of the Borg. [more inside]

June 19

Volver - Appointment-only Retail in Toronto
An exquisite selection of new and vintage vinyl, mid-century modern furniture, beautiful amplifiers, and, soon, art, and other interesting or useful things. Browse online. Pick up in person. Oldschool Retail. 3.0 [more inside]

June 18

Dr Poopy's Medicinal Jam
Dr Poopy's Medicinal Jam is a weekly live stream of live music, running every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm to 9.30pm UK time. Vibe leans generally towards acoustica / Americana but you never know. [more inside]

June 14

Hip-Hop Radio Archive  
The Hip-Hop Radio Archive aims to digitize, preserve, share, and contextualize recordings of hip-hop radio from the 1980s and 1990s from commercial, college, community, and pirate stations of all sizes, telling the stories of the shows and the people that made them. [more inside]

June 9

What do the numbers coming from the shortwave station mean? Who is behind it? Who wants to help you find out... and who will stop you at any cost? A Twine game about numbers stations, made for Global Game Jam 2018, with music by Zarkonnen.

June 3

Craigslist Spelling Awards Twitter
Like any boat owner, I ceaselessly troll Craigslist, fantasy-shopping for more boats that "someone" should buy. In that process, I encounter a lot of creative spelling. The free section and the auto section are also gems of creative English. Ladies and Genders, I present... Craigslist Spelling Awards Twitter.

May 31

Calm Twitter reminds you to breathe first
Suffer from tweetgret? Tortured by typos? Get into online spats? Calm Twitter is here for you. A browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, it guides you through a deep breathing exercise before checking if you *really* want to send that tweet. Example GIF. [more inside]

May 29

This Room Will Kill You
This is my first game -- a surreal, story-driven RPG with horror elements -- inspired by The Stanley Parable, Yume Nikki, and all the wonderful 90s jRPGs that I grew up with. [more inside]

May 22

We Sacrificed Imaginary Kitties to Help People Avoid Real-Life Financial Disaster
Cat Insanity is a responsive browser game that slowly, inevitably forces you into the brutal massacre of imaginary cats*, all to capture the emotional experience of drowning in high-interest debt. [more inside]

Twitter Poems  
Every weekday I get up and composed a short poem on Twitter. This is that collection.

Documentary: Frank Lukas - Lines
We just released our 5-minute-documentary about Frank Lukas who collected heaps of memories while getting to the very top in the BMX world today. Now we are telling his story in association with Carhartt. What makes the film special is the mixture of old analogue clips, high quality shots, projections and animations which is pretty unusual for a bike film. It is not just about BMX. It is about a man who followed his dream although there was only a really small chance of succeeding. It is about working one’s way up and not giving up despite all struggles.

May 7

Backgroundifier & BackgroundifierBuddy
I built two macOS apps that turn your desktop wallpaper into a rotating mini-art-gallery. (Art not included, though!)

April 20

The EuroWhat?
A Eurovision Song Contest podcast made by and for Americans. We dive deep into the selection processes, songs, artists, and pageantry of Eurovision in the hopes of making our friends and listeners less baffled by what they are witnessing. Available via iTunes, for Android, on Google Play, or direct via RSS.

April 17

The Only Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism   
John Leavitt talks at Drunk Education about ethical consumption under capitalism and a possible way forward.

The Microphone Never Blinks
Metafilter elder statesman griphus and I discuss beloved 1990s sitcom Newsradio. [more inside]

April 13

Hawkins Bay Dispatch
A daily list of news and views you can use. [more inside]

April 12

Lost Notes
My brand-new podcast for KCRW! Wheee! Over a year in the making, it's a brand-new series devoted to “the greatest music stories never truly told.” [more inside]

April 10

Meme 45
Some quirky templates in case you need to channel your rage about the current inhabitant of the Oval Office into meme form. Starting off with one basic pose, but more to come! Suggestions welcome in comments.

Dan Fuehring Lives On
In October 2015, my father and frequent Metafilter contributor Dan Fuehring (better known as Danf) died of cancer. One of his (many) great loves in life was music. You may remember him posting some of his compositions on Mefi Music. I have finally finished cataloguing, publishing and creating an online archive of his music recordings. [more inside]

April 8

What Orbán Knows and His Enemies Don’t
Victor Orbán just won again the elections in Hungary, I explain why in this article for Jacobin: What Orbán Knows and His Enemies Don’t.

March 28

The Sam and Ross Like Things Podcast
Sam and Ross Like Things is a fortnightlyish podcast where two friends, Sam and Ross, each describe a thing that they like. The one rule is “no hedging”—you just have to unabashedly like your thing. As of today, we’ve done 50 episodes which is 49 more than we initially predicted.

March 27

I Will Dance Among The Stars
"Pampa (Dansa Ere Da Setara)" is a song I wrote in Lang Belta, the Creole language spoken by the humans who live in and beyond the Asteroid Belt on the TV show The Expanse. Its a story of tough lives and hard choices in a harsh environment. The lyrics in both Belter & English. [more inside]

March 25

Playing at editing films to music
I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and make films using only creative commons and public domain footage. I started by making a series of films to accompany the music of a friend and am now branching out to visually accompanying classical music. I'm trying to work out if I'm wasting my time here and would supremely love some feedback on the films I've been making.

March 16

This Is A Boring Shark Attack: 8 Rules for Fascinating Storytelling  
I've been doing standup and storytelling in NYC for ten years this month. Now I'm convinced that the big money comes from telling stories that are built out of jokes, but I'm still waiting for the data to come in.

This Is A Boring Shark Attack: 8 Rules for Fascinating Storytelling [more inside]

March 13

Information Jones Database Detective - Short Stories
Information Jones is the world's greatest database detective and one of its least successful IT professionals. Technology managers knock on his door when they have nowhere else to turn. Follow Information Jones' adventures as he cracks the case contrary to all expectations. His expertise is Oracle. His specialty is unreason. Two collections of short stories, free on the web as HTML or an epub.

March 10

Android Game - Clear Synthesis: Bumbaroo and the Yellow Ghost
I made a phone game for Android! It is a casual/puzzle type game where the objective is to match blocks and empty the board. [more inside]

March 8

Haunted Floating Eye - A Lair Defense Game
Haunted Floating Eye is my newest pay-what-you-can ($0 is fine!) game, in active development. You play a magical floating eye monster who has decided to take up residence in a naturally occurring cliff face, as your kind often do. [more inside]

March 5

Sprinkles: a javascript repeating pattern creator
A pattern generator to create repeating sprinkly designs. Sprinkle colours, width, density, and length are adjustable. Comes with included theme presets.

I Love You Like a Cover
I was going to record an album of original music, but depression and a creative block waylaid that goal. Since Alex Lahey’s debut album inspired me to reconsider some of my approach to songwriting, I decided instead to teach myself GarageBand and cover her album front to back. So here it is.

March 3

Melbourne Women's History Map
In honour of Women's History Month, here's a map to help you explore locations in Melbourne related to women's history. Each location has some information about the site and links to more information (if available). Use the map to plan a walking tour of Melbourne or to explore the city from the comfort of your living room.

March 2

Open Door Policy Guides
This Ask reminded me of something I did for work a few years ago, have given talks about a few times, and recently turned into open source documents. They're meant help create a better workplace by helping people understand how to escalate problems. Prerequisite: A company that wants a better workplace. [more inside]

February 28

100 Doodles
100 Doodles is an art newsletter project where I (try) to draw and write one newsletter per week. Each newsletter contains a small painting and some written notes about the subject. It's sort of a slow, handwritten blog, but in your email. [more inside]

February 25

I blogged for 17 years and all I got were these lousy Markov chains.
What does one do with a blog in 2018? If you're me you export the text, do a little cleanup, ingest it with NLP (Natural Language Processing) tool Markovify, and create random sentences based on your own writing. It's a little eerie to read words that seem like me but clearly were not assembled by me. It was fun to make. You can follow it on twitter @BloggingBot.

February 21

Salary Negotiation: A Simple How-To  
I prepared this how-to-negotiate-salary doc for some family and friends and thought I'd share it with the world! I'm a woman in tech and I had to kinda figure out how to negotiate salary on my own (but see note inside) so wanted to share my experience to level the playing field a bit. [more inside]

February 19

When Journalism was a Thing
This project shows how journalism has collapsed, and why. It shows how the profession's untested truisms and assumptions brought systemic problems and rigs into the profession, and how an alternative model to journalism where patriarchal, binary, biased, narrative, unscientific, and Great Man ideology doesn't corrupt the product. [more inside]

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