July 22

Unquiet Ground: Whitefield's Soul Trap  
PlanetSlade's latest Secret London essay investigates the extraordinary history of a forgotten burial ground on central London's Tottenham Court Road. In the period from 1850-1900, this site next to Whitefield's Tabernacle was the subject of a 40-year legal battle between the chapel trustees hoping to protect its 30,000 graves and the operators of a noisy and chaotic carnival there. Monkeys danced on desecrated tombs and skulls were used as footballs. One defence lawyer whose murderous client frequented the place called it "a miniature hell". [more inside]

July 19

grillcover.games : performance art livestreams & other Twitch fare
I am a theater-maker & conceptual artist based in NYC (and online), and I've finally built up enough projects and confidence to list my highly weird streaming practice on my website, and thought I'd share it with MeFi Projects too. "grillcover" itself is a weird sort of thing: born in 1995 in the primordial swamps of AOL, it has been my internet avatar and proliferated on tons of web spaces since. One reason I finally collected the projects was because this week I've been rolling out my latest stunt: a live solo marathon speedrun of the Mueller Report. (to be clear, that article is "my" write-up lol) You can watch the whole thing on Twitch, or lightly edited versions of Volume I and Volume II, where I omitted the occasional breaks. And if you or anyone you know uses Twitch, I'd love to see you over on my channel! In general, my online practice is all about digging rabbit holes and making odd connections... I hope you enjoy it!

July 14

Apollo 11 (+50 years) Google Calendar
Tracking the moon landing live (+50 years) at apolloinrealtime.org (previously)? Here's a handy calendar that you can use to avoid scheduling conflicts with the most important events. [more inside]

July 12

"Warming Up the Band"
This is a teaser video (and so, basically, an ad, but I ask of you... what is an ad? ok fine) which I produced for my day job at Occipital, but I think it's mefi worthy because its the first animated render of this complexity-level I ever did pretty much from scratch (with a lot of help and camera work by my co-worker Karla). [more inside]

July 8

New Trump campaign slogan
I decided that Trump's 2020 campaign needs a new slogan. I put it on a bumper sticker so anyone who wants to can update old campaign signs with the new slogan. Warning: it's a direct Trump quote that begins with "Grab em by ..." [more inside]

July 5

The Cadeaux Decision
My short story "The Cadeaux Decision" appears in Issue 19 of Circle Show, available to read in PDF (free) and hard copy (please support!). This is a spooky and personal story, and it made me laugh when I wrote it. The latter is the highest praise I have for my own writing.
(cws: child death, corpses, transphobia)

July 2

CuprumLang - Programming language for animation
CuprumLang - Programming language for animation. This experimental programming language began to develop. Since March 2018 as a programming language for animation in the Blender program. This is a very simple interpreter with a built-in debugger. written in high level C #. Why such a name? In the periodic table, the element under Number 29 is designated as CU or copper. In Latin Cuprum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIwuI2ercYI

July 1

The Fulbright
When a young woman returns home after studying abroad, she learns that her father has been keeping a terrible secret from her. This is a dramatic short short film I produced, directed, shot and edited.

On the internet, nobody knows you're a bot
I used thousands of New Yorker cartoon contest caption submissions to classify about 100 cartoons into nineteen categories, and trained a neural network to generate new captions for each category. Some of them are kind of funny. [more inside]

June 29

Metafilter Usage 2010-2019
Graphs of the number of posts and comments, the number of unique posters and commenters, and users joining and leaving the site from January 1, 2010 through Jun 15, 2019. I may add some more later if I come up with any other interesting metrics.

June 26

10 Life Tips from Henry the Dog  
"Maybe Henry’s neurocapacity didn’t allow him to dwell on the negative because, well, dog brain. But we can choose how to expend our mental energy—why waste it on something that upsets us?" [more inside]

June 24

Am I Nonbinary?
A short quiz to help you figure out your gender identity. Try the alternate version if the original doesn’t give a definitive answer. [more inside]

June 22

An Accumulation Of Things
An Accumulation Of Things is a website which collects together various selections of my (fairly eclectic) writing output, including numerous fairy tales, short stories, comics, graphic novels, children's picture books (both rough scripts and fully illustrated books), and occasional short poems and other ephemera. This week is the site's first anniversary, and in that year to date so far it has accumulated roughly 300 things, and my current ongoing projects include Violent Penguin (a daily comic strip about a Penguin), A Thousand And One Tales (my weekly ongoing fairy tales project), and Places In Space (a weekly series of short science fiction comics, detailing a voyage through space). [more inside]

June 21

Redemption Songs  
I drew a longform comic on the fascinating, intertwined story of China and reggae. Chinese Jamaican music producers helped turn reggae into a global sensation—one that would eventually reach all the way to the country their ancestors had left behind. [more inside]

No Apologies Online Art Auction Sept 2019
An Art Auction that Fights for Abortion Rights. I was very involved in two social justice art auctions a few years back started by my friend Ann, and that felt a bit like doing something, so we have joined up again to do another online art auction, this time for abortion and reproductive rights. [more inside]

June 18

A Folia For Wallace
My name is Fred Miller, and this is my 4th self-released album. Available at this link (website hosted on AWS S3), and iTunes, Spotify, etc. Enjoy! [more inside]

How to Make a Phonotrope Video with Drawn Animation
I made this tutorial about the phonotrope technique, a modern version of the Zoetrope. [more inside]

June 14

A (Not So) Quick & Dirty Queer Reflection on Marie Kondo
Earlier this year, I wrote a raw liveblog-esque analysis of Marie Kondo's first book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up from a queer perspective. It was edited by Tove (from the original Google Doc), but it took me months to finally publish their edits. Here is the updated and edited version!

June 12

Cooking Is Coping: One Funny Recipe a Week
I'm a standup comic in NYC and I cook to cope with the stress of a midlife career change to something with no path to stability. Let me just tell you, I cook a LOT. I'm writing these recipes down and sending them to my mailing list once a week. You can see the first recipe here, with more to come every week for at least the next three months.

June 5

Abel's Autobiography
This is an excerpt from my Icelandic novel Móðurhugur, translated by Larissa Kyzer, and published in the tenth annual Queer issue of Words Without Borders. The excerpt tells the story of a young trans man at the University of Colorado Boulder who becomes embroiled in a love triangle. More about this issues's other stories and poetry below the cut. [more inside]

June 4

Steal expired MillionDollarHomepage Pixels. [more inside]

June 1

Deadwood As It Was.
Many of the characters in the Deadwood series existed in real life. I've collected contemporary news stories using newspapers available from Deadwood, the Dakota Territories, and Montana. Six entries so far. [more inside]

May 28

Music Video for Starfield Tectonics
I directed this new music video for Andrew M. Edwards' new song Starfield Tectonics.

May 22

Undulating Jigsaw Puzzles
Web browser jigsaw puzzles with undulating edges. [more inside]

Lost Notes (Season 2)
I wanted to wait until we had a sufficient pile of episodes out there to share, but ... Lost Notes is back for another season! Our exec producer/host this season is the great Jessica Hopper - one of the sharpest music writers and critics in the room. Check out the episode guide in the Extended Description. [more inside]

Tufte Bootstrap
Edward Tufte uses distinctive, simple, well-set typography, extensive sidenotes, and tight integration of graphics and charts. This project is an attempt to bring that style to the Bootstrap framework. Contributors to this open source project are welcome. [more inside]

May 21

Home Of Hell
"Home of Hell is an interactive fiction story in which YOU! must brave the horrors of the infamous Home of Hell to say goodbye to your grandmother one final time." A (slightly) humorous homage to classic Fighting Fantasy books (especially Steve Jackson's House Of Hell), this story contains scenes of sadness, despair and the proliferation of infuriating annoyances that lead inexorably to a mounting atmosphere of anxiety, terror and, eventually, scenes of mildly gruesome horror. [more inside]

The Long Talk (Round 3)
Here's how it works: each day you get an email, and you write one back. Everyone who writes back gets to keep playing, and the game gets more and more interesting as people drop off. We play until there's one person remaining and they're crowned the winner. Now gathering folks for round 3.

May 14

White Lies: a visual introduction into NPR's new true-crime podcast
In 1965, soon after Bloody Sunday, white minister Jim Reeb was murdered in Selma by four men. Three were charged, all were acquitted. A new NPR podcast explores the legacy of that death, and investigates the circumstances of Reeb's death. I worked on this visual introduction to the case, including photos, audio, and excerpts from the FBI case file.

May 13

The Generalist Academy  
This blog shares one interesting thing, every day. Recent topics have included Samoan independence, fake professors, and Renaissance fart jokes. Also on Facebook and Twitter.

May 8

This is the worst party I've ever been to. (2020 edition)
A photographic examination of the 2020 campaigns and the people's response to Trump. [more inside]

May 7

'Change the Subject' Documentary  
'Change the Subject' is a documentary about working to change how libraries label immigrants. Here's a trailer (and a second trailer). In 2014 a Dartmouth College student researching undocumented students in the U.S. repeatedly encountered the term “Illegal aliens” as a subject heading in the library catalog. Dismayed by this use of biased language she worked with CoFIRED (a student run undocumented immigrant rights group at Dartmouth) and rallied college librarians, and ultimately librarians across the United States, to challenge how the Library of Congress categorizes books and other materials about undocumented people. This 55 minute film features interviews with students, faculty, librarians and congressional representatives involved in this instance of campus activism that entered the national spotlight (NYT link). As of this posting, the Library of Congress has yet to 'Change the Subject' and 'Illegal aliens' remains the authorized cataloging term for issues related to undocumented immigrants. [more inside]

May 2

The Bodies of Walton County
I've lived in a lot of places, but never one with this many bodies.

True stories from my community. [more inside]

May 1

The True Crime stories behind Wild Colonial Boy & other Australian ballads
I've just posted the first three of my Bushranger Ballads song essays, telling the True Crime stories behind Bold Jack Donohoe, The Wild Colonial Boy and The Death of Peter Clark. These songs belong to a genre of 19th century Australian ballads celebrating the colony's cheekiest and most successful highwaymen. The new essays are a PlanetSlade Murder Ballads Production, and join last September's background essay on bushranger songs which we've discussed previously. [more inside]

Dinosaurs, Dumpster Fires, and other Drawings
I started doing daily doodles for my kid and they eventually evolved into sketches and then recently actual drawings and illustrations. A few people have been asking how to buy copies, so I finally put together a shop where you can get a drawing as a poster, sticker, card, and various other stationary items. Probably best described as fun, cute, and sometimes surreal.

April 23

Life Gave Me Fifteen Lemons  
I have a friend who I've known since junior high who now lives in California. Her brother died a few months ago, not super surprising but those things are never easy. Randomly some time after that, a box from her appeared at my post office FILLED with lemons. No note other than "You know what to do." I did not, in fact, know what to do, but I made some wild guesses and had a fun time doing it. I wrote this entirely true illustrated essay about what I did because I thought it might cheer her up.

At the end, who did you hold close and who did you push away?
My mom died of cancer a few days before Christmas. In the six months between when she was diagnosed and when she died I tried to photograph her struggles and decline (mainly as something to do in all the craziness). The final project was small: 10 photos and a short essay on her problematic role as a parent. I didn't expect the reception it got. Some people were moved, others hated it. I permanently lost contact with one of my siblings. I still think it was the right thing to publish. As complicated a relationship I had with her, her end of life and death were worth chronicling.

April 18

The Stolen Child (a tale told in tales)  
"The child in the cage had been found in the forest, they said, left behind by the fair folk there at the passing of the midsummer sun. Or, they said, the child had been a gift from the gods. The child was a traveller, the child was a spy, a thief, a lie. The child was a warning. A warrior. A weapon. The child was an offering. The child was a beast. But the child in the cage was none of these things. The child was a child." The Stolen Child is a short fairy tale in six parts, about imprisonment, escape, and revenge. [more inside]

April 17

H.i.P.O. (Hazardus Interstellar Perfessional Operations)
So, now that the NDA has been lifted, I can share the art installation I was working on that is at this year's Coachella. It's a rocket ship manned by hippos. Of course. I feel a little dumb posting this because it's not "my" project; I was just a cog in the machine. But my boyfriend was art director on this under the two lead artists so I watched this come together over several months, and I was part of the crew putting on the actual show last weekend. I'm still tired. I can't imagine how the leads are doing. [more inside]

A macOS-based music programming environment for hosting AudioUnit instruments and effects and allowing them to be played and controlled with code written in JavaScript, optionally driven by a score. (Work under development.) [more inside]

April 16

Student Newspaper Queer Edition
Queer Honi: Cultural and Gender Marxxxism edition. Every year, the editorial collective of the student newspaper of the University of Sydney cede their position five times, for the autonomous Honi Soit editions: Wom*n's, Queer, Indigenous, Ethnocultural (ACAR) and Disability. I had the great privilege to be the primary editor for queer Honi this year. It's not something that I consider to be within my field of expertise, but I had a crack at it and people say it didn't turn out too badly. [more inside]

Portia Manson's Hippie Dick! in Dirty Looks Volume 4
I contributed an article to the new issue of queer film journal Dirty Looks on Portia Manson/Gene Barnes, who produced six issues of the erotic queer zine Hippie Dick! in the early 90s, made experimental films like Mercury Rising, and died at the age of 31 in 1995 from AIDS-related meningitis. He was the subject of the tribute song R.I.P. by Bikini Kill. (Gene had attended Evergreen College at the time of the nascence of the riot grrrl movement.) [more inside]

April 14

American Rarebit
A comic about food, government cheese, being a latchkey kid, being the child of a latchkey kid, and the power of kraft singles in your life

“I was a technician on Anderson Station”
“Seteshang Anderson (“Anderson Station”)” is a song by The Moldy Filters about an labor revolt on a refinery station in the Asteroid Belt. Set in the world of the the book/TV series “The Expanse ”, the lyrics are in lang belta, aka “Belter”, the English-based creole language spoken by the natives of the Belt, created for the show by linguist Nick Farmer. [more inside]

A Internet Argument Ender about local tax rates  
I got sick to the teeth of the constant whining about our municipal taxes on local social media and Reddit, so spent an afternoon doing some research on comparable municipalities and tax rates in Ontario. The more valuable end of this from a broader perspective might be a follow-on page about why ratio complaints (our city pays more for XXX than any other city, or our city's taxes are a higher percentage of YYY than other cities') are kind of bullshit.

April 7

About Faces
I released my first LP, About Faces, after several years of sometimes-intermittent writing and recording. It's about adapting to some significant changes in my partner's life trajectory and, relatedly, struggling with my own issues with emotions and vulnerability related to toxic masculinity, though the tone is mostly upbeat and positive. The genre is broadly "indie rock" but with some genre deviations and experimental and unorthodox bits to it. [more inside]

April 3

Star Trek episode, Dave Eggers book, or Mountain Goats song?  
As I recently noted on FanFare, I started making this thoroughly silly quiz years ago, and only remembered it recently. So I finished it and published it on Buzzfeed's community site. There's no real joke except that all three of these things tend to have delightfully overwrought titles.

March 29

18 short plays about Python and programming
At the PyGotham 2018 tech conference, Jason Owen and I presented "Python Grab Bag: A Set of Short Plays", inspired by the Neo-Futurists' show "The Infinite Wrench". The 40-minute video is up on YouTube and my blog post links to the script and slides, credits the crew and cast, deep-links to the specific timecodes for individual plays, and gives citations for the references we made. [more inside]

March 28

Trump Learned
Tweets when the president learns (and tweets) a word for the first time. Like @nyt_first_said, but applied to the president. [more inside]

March 25

TC Irish
An events calendar for Minneapolis/St. Paul Irish events, with a community guide soon to be added and, hopefully, a monthly tabloid to follow. Events are also available via email.

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