A song (and music video) about a satellite
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A song (and music video) about a satellite
I first got interested in music many years ago and played in a band but never quite learned how to write songs. I spent a lot of time learning theory but still never quite understood how to apply it but then I gradually just started writing as much as I could over the last year or two. This is my first song I've ever released and I really had to stretch to do everything! The song and production are mine but the hand printed animation is done by an artist friend of mine.

The concept and lyrics were developed over an extended period of time. The song itself came together surprisingly quickly. I feel pretty fortunate to have all of the amazing resources available nowadays for song writing and production.

Feel free to message if you'd like help finding some!
Role: Lyrics, music, and vocal
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Very nice!
posted by mpark at 10:47 AM on August 16, 2023

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