Wander - A browser extension that helps you revisit your bookmarks
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Wander - A browser extension that helps you revisit your bookmarks
You bookmark interesting pages to check out later. But the more you bookmark, the harder it gets to find and revisit them -- if you even remember to do it. Wander surprises you with a random page that you bookmarked once upon a time. Get back to the places you love, not just the places that hook you.

This is a Firefox browser extension that shows all your bookmarks in a single page with built-in search. You can open a random bookmark from all bookmarks or just the search results.

When I'm feeling adventurous, I open Wander and hit Enter to open a random bookmark from my list of 4574 bookmarks. If I'm looking for music to listen to, I search for "music", this brings up every bookmark and folder with music in its name or URL. I press Enter to bring some serendipity to my music listening. Similarly I search for "youtube" or "wikipedia" to randomly select a video or a wiki article to read.

Rather than direct attention based on some corporation's algorithmic needs, I use wander to bring my attention to my interests and obsessions. Maybe it'll help you too?
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