Incredible Doom: Eternal September
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Incredible Doom: Eternal September
A new comic series we're launching today in the Incredible Doom universe (that Metafilter has been so kind to!), Eternal September is an intimate, harrowing series about teenagers navigating the wild, dangerous days of the early web. You can read Issue 1 free online today, and you'll be able to read the entire series for free as it's posted to followers. No ads, no trackers, no middlemen, we're going back to our roots on the open web.

If you're as excited as we are about the story, you can support us, read over a full issue ahead, dive into some cool behind-the-scenes material, and buy the comics in print!

6 years ago (almost exactly!) right here on Projects, Matt and I anxiously took the biggest swing we'd ever taken; unveiling Incredible Doom, a free & patron-supported online comic series, accompanied by meticulously handmade physical mini-comics for subscribers.

Launching Incredible Doom changed our lives. We saw explosions of excitement in all our favorite corners of the internet (including here!) We connected with an agent, and then with publishers. We were given a 2-book deal with Harper Collins, published Volume 1 and Volume 2 to huge acclaim, found praise and starred reviews from Booklist, SLJ, Kirkus, NY Times, Buzzfeed and elsewhere, and were called out as one of the best books of the year by Vanity Fair -- the only graphic novel on the list!

Now we're returning to our roots with a new series Eternal September, set in the Incredible Doom universe but featuring new characters and a new era of the internet; a burgeoning age of dialup, blogging, and internet forums. It's a great place for a new reader to jump in -- we've taken everything we learned from Volume 1 and 2 and combined it with everything we wanted to do with the series after the BBS era those were set in, and we hope you love what we've come up with.
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I’m loving this expansion of the Doomiverse!
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Hi Jesse!
[Muscly arms clasping meme image] solidarity in old-fashioned (i.e., 2003) Comics On The Internet.
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