Baby’s first stand-up set
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Baby’s first stand-up set
Hey, remember earlier this spring when I asked the green how to learn more about stand-up comedy as a creative outlet? I followed some of your advice, found a local intro to stand up class, and just finished and did my first performance in my class show!

I loved doing this class and am taking stand-up 2 in a few months, as well as working on more material now. Thanks for the encouragement, mefi!
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Nicely done! I worked with a guy who would say "if it was up your ass you'd know it" but I bet it's way more endearing hearing it from your grandmother.

I have always wanted to do a stand up class. I have done improv, which is probably more my thing, but stand up is on the list. Good for you for doing it!
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Also, you may want to ping the mods because there's a bug in your "learn more about stand up" link. I'll flag this comment and maybe it'll summon one of them.
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[ Link fixed!]
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Aaah, the link still doesn't work for me, even now.
posted by JHarris at 9:27 AM on December 5, 2023

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