About MetaFilter Projects

What is MetaFilter Projects?

MetaFilter Projects is a place for members of the site to share their own creative work with the rest of the membership. Members can vote and comment on your project, and some Projects posts get reposted to the MetaFilter front page.

What kind of things can I share on Projects?

Just about any substantial personal creative work with a web-based component! That might mean an actual entire website, or a chunk of content on an existing service; an online art gallery or musical album or significant writing project; a web-based tool or bot or toy; a physical media project that you've documented online; or the web presence of any other sort of creative work you've been doing. It can be a finished thing, or an ongoing project, or something new and in progress.

The key things are: it's something you have a direct role in creating, it's got a web-based component people can go look at, and there's enough there there for folks to have something to look at and talk about.

What kind of things shouldn't I share on Projects?

This is for primarily creative work. It's okay if that has a commercial component of some sort, but it's not a site for e.g. personal fundraising appeals, and it's not a pay-to-play marketing site. Submissions that are primarily asking for money or doing promotional work will be rejected.

Also, this needs to be something you, personally, were responsible for making; group work is okay (if the other folks involved are okay with you sharing it), but you need to have a direct creative stake in the project. If your role is primarily promotional, it's not an appropriate post for Projects.

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