The Coin Toss World Cup
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The Coin Toss World Cup
"Come one! Come all! And welcome to the ultimate test of skill... That's right, live from the Independent Monetary Kingdom of Coinland, it's time once again for The Coin Toss World Cup! 8 billion players from all around the world! One solitary winner! Who will it be? Who knows! But it could be you! And it has to be someone!" The Coin Toss World Cup is an exciting game of skill and talent in which YOU could become the number one "heads-or-tailser" in the world! All you have to do is choose (and not lose)!

Basically I wanted to make a sports game without any actual sports in it. So I made this.

(I’ve always loved the coin tosses they make players do before matches and penalty shootouts and whatever, and long been fascinated reading about old football matches that were decided by coin tosses - and or also elections sometimes too, which always leaves me feeling kind of weird when I think about it.)

And then I added some mild satire about money and greed I suppose.

Please Note: The download version on also includes a commentary free version, if you want to skip everything but the coin tossing.

Please Also Note: If you can’t download them from for some reason, you can also play The Coin Toss World Cup here straight away with no extra clicking or anything (and play the commentary free version here, too).

Please Also Finally Note: The save menu (with back buttons too) might be hidden on mobile, so you’ll need to click the arrow in the top left corner to make that appear. Not that I can think of any reason at all why you might want to utilise a back button of all things.
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There is apparently a problem if you try to play this on firefox through the in-browser box on, which will cause your tab to crash (I can't test this cause my laptop's too old to run firefox on it, apparently, but it seems to be aknown problem with this version of TWINE, and how the save function it uses works). But all the other versions should work fine in firefox (both the downloads versions, and these two browser versions: The Coin Toss World Cup; The Coin Toss World Cup Commentary Free Version).

Anyway, sorry about that.
posted by dng at 3:12 PM on July 27, 2023

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posted by dng at 3:18 PM on July 27, 2023

Huh, I won the first couple of rounds so thought the game would let me win no matter what I chose and the real "game" was the fun commentary as I made my way to the final and then ended up losing at round 6.
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