Bonjour Hi - A game in the Montreal Metro
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Bonjour Hi - A game in the Montreal Metro
In the vein of Jet Lag the Game, Taskmaster, The Amazing Race, and more, I came up with a game for my friends and I to play in the Montreal metro (subway) system. We recorded the whole thing. The goal: "capture" the four main transfer hubs of the metro system and race back to where we began. The first team back wins. The fun bit is we need to do various tasks before we're allowed to advance in the game, which leads to much hilarity.

The show is primarily in English but the captions, voiceovers and text bubbles are in French as well. I'm aiming for new episodes every two weeks, and every off-week, there will be an audio podcast (still hosted on YouTube). I am editing as I go, so constructive criticism is helpful. (So are likes and subscriptions to the channel, of course! 😂)
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This is really well-produced! The group of players seems really nice, which is important for making this kind of show tolerable.

It might be too late to change this, but I think the game design needs a little more tension. The part where one team was on the platform and trying to spot the other team before they themselves were spotted was exciting. Finding and complimenting the art was sweet, but I skipped ahead after one of those because I could tell nothing could really go wrong there.

Maybe some sort of asymmetry could help? They could do a die roll or question in the beginning that determines the order in which they pick from three different variations of a challenge which aren’t easy to compare. Then there would be tension from the choice and unpredictability from the variation.

Of course, I’m assuming here that tension is something you want, which I could be wrong about. I haven’t watched a wide variety of these task shows; I’ve just been watching the Belgian version of De Mol lately, in which things are designed to be more tense than cozy.

Anyway, this is a huge undertaking! Respect for getting it organized and produced!
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I'm really enjoying this! Agree that there's not much suspense to the art installations task and it went on a bit long so I did fast-forward a lil bit there because everyone was giving the same unenthused "compliments", but once the teams got on the metro, I was excited again! Can't wait to see if there's a challenge when two teams are on the platform at the same time--that moment of waiting to see if the other team would arrive before our first team got on the metro was quite suspenseful!

As a fellow Montrealaise, I genuinely delighted in being frustrated by two teams passing up the more direct BAnQ entrance from Berri-UQAM in Ep2. Also searching for books in the library is a great task and makes me want to go to the library! So it's making me consider how I would tackle these tasks. :)

Excited for the next ep(s)!
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