smiling face withface
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smiling face withface
Randomly generated glitch emoji, automatically posted to Tumblr. GHFACE. STEAM LOSKI BOOT. OCTONT MOON. A conversation.

The emoji are generated from the open source SVG files included in Twitter's twemoji project—i.e., the emoji you see when you read Twitter using a web browser that doesn't support emoji. A Python program behind the scenes subtly and randomly adjusts the SVG code, and may additionally recombine one SVG file with another in the set. The names are generated from real Unicode code point names, smushed together and procedurally mutated in strange ways. The project is a kind of a visual counterpoint to Library of Emoji.

Here's a write-up of my methodology on my blog. The bot also posts to Twitter as @face_withface.
Role: programmer
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T̲̩͚̲̞̰̫̉ͩ̉ͯͧͦĘ̗̱ͮE̺̙͔͍̣̣N̬͇̠͇̟̽̄͠A̩͇̔̽̄̂̾ͯ̅̀G̣̉̐ͥ̇͑ͬË̯̹̍́ ̙̗͔̯͔̈ͭ̇ͣ̃ͅZ̛̞̰̘̰͚Â͕͚͖͕͊̃̊̏ͯL̶ͬ̾̽̅̃̅G͕̤ͅͅO̭̫̝̦̮̓͒̂ͩ̅̈͝
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I fear SCLIPTUS, and maybe want to worship it just a little.
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I used to have a dog who looked a lot like STEAM LOSKI BOOT.

STEAM LOSKI BOOT would be a good name for a dog. I'll remember this for ask.metafilter, or for my next dog.

This is a great followup to Library of Emoji!
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