Carbon 7 is three musicians collaborating to produce cooperative music in real time.
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Carbon 7 is three musicians collaborating to produce cooperative music in real time.
It's not so much about the website (I know, tables, amirite) as the music at the "Listen" link. After our first gathering, we thought we might be on to something, so I started multi-track recording, mixing & archiving all our sessions.

I've been working on this little by little since late 2012. The sessions are arranged by date in reverse chronological order, with the newest at the top. There are 12 albums-worth (for lack of a better word) of MP3 files available there for free download. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 hours of music total, at this point with 3 more unfinished sessions in the can but unmixed.

There is no songwriting involved here, so it gets loose in spots. We occasionally discuss a key, but what you're hearing here is just 3 guys making it up as we go. We listen to one another & as things change, we adapt what we're playing in response, so there's an organic movement of us playing off one another that I really find satisfying as a musician. Yes, we do play all the notes.

I started out with just a 4-channel MOTU Traveller interface, but after the 3rd session, graduated to an 8-track Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. I record all these direct to my Macbook Pro & mix them in Logic Pro. There are few if any edits except for a few tasteful fadeouts right before train wrecks. The songs were mostly recorded at the drummer's half-finished rehearsal space, but there are also three live gigs from Trailer Space & the Carousel Lounge.

4 of the albums, so far, are also available for purchase at Bandcamp if you want some FLAC or what have you.

I built the site in GoLive 2 (egads!) with my limited knowledge of CSS applied to colors & link formatting, mostly. I am not a web professional, though I am also responsible for all the images on the site. The header is a collage made from a picture I took of Sawtooth Mountain in West Texas ca. 2010.
Role: site builder, designer, audio recording, mixing, bass playing
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