Library of Emoji
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Library of Emoji
We all know that many new emoji were recently added to the Unicode standard. What we don't know is what emoji will be added in the years to come. Library of Emoji is a Twitter bot that speculates, several times each day, on what new emoji might appear in future Unicode revisions—emoji that today may seem unreasonable, but someday may be commonplace: COOKWARE SYMBOL. MOUTHPART. PRIAPIC SYMBOL FOR UNICYCLIST WATERLOO.

Emoji names are generated randomly, and the Python program I wrote to generate the names is available under an open source license. I hope you enjoy!
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by capricorn on July 21, 2014: Library of Emoji

Excellent! This feels like what would happen if horse_ebooks were actually randomly generated rather than an art project. Fabulously surreal.
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This project deserves a WITH-IT SYMBOL
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Sorry to be a wet blanket, but, while this bot generates a lot of amusing names for emoji, it also generates a lot of nonsense. Even from the examples you give in the OP: "Priapic Symbol for Unicyclist" is golden, but "Waterloo" turns the phrase into gobbledegook. Further examples, from Library of Emoji's last few tweets as of this writing: "LIGHT-FOOTED FACE WITH TREE-FROG IRAQ" and "GOVERNANCE BESIDE EFFECT SILURIDAE". These can't (reasonably) be interpreted as meaningful English phrases at all. For me, such gibberish phrases detract from the Twitterbot's overall effect.

If I were you, I'd tighten the generator's rules to further exclude cases of obvious nonsense. While purely semantic absurdities such as "light-footed face" may be too difficult to bother with, you would gain a lot of mileage by simply excluding "noun noun" pairs altogether. The ratio of non-phrases to funny phrases that they generate makes them a net detriment to your project, IMHO.
posted by C. Y. Hollander at 3:05 PM on August 20, 2014

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