Mario: animated short
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Mario: animated short
In Italian playgrounds a song is chanted that dates back to World War I. This paint on glass animation tells this dark tale of a soldier who returns home from war to find his girlfriend has left him.

My new short is called ‘Mario’, and it’s based on an Italian children’s song which translates as ‘Everybody Calls Me Mario’. As far as I can tell, it’s a song that started out as a folk song in either in WWI or WWII. The film was recently featured on Animated Documentary with a long interview. Productions stills from the process, and with marker, showing the multi-layer animation stand. Vimeo link. Hat tip to Ask Metafilter.
Role: animator
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by ignignokt on July 15, 2014: Not the Mario you were expecting

Wow, that was fantastic. And what a grim and complex thing for children to be chanting. Definitely not what I expected when I hear the word "Mario."

I liked the pictures of the stills. Are you going to be putting the stills on display somewhere as their own exhibit?
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Hi Ignignokt! Thanks for sharing my project!
Yes, it is indeed a creepy children's song. I remember thinking it was odd even when I was singing it as a child in Italy!
And yes, this technique does produce some nice stills, but none of them are physical, because the paint is redrawn every frame. So the paint is modified, erased, elaborated, each frame, at 12 frames per second.
So the stills exist only in the digital universe! I could print them, I suppose, and display those, but it's not the same as displaying true 'artifacts' used in the making of an animated film.
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