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A general-purpose dataflow programming language based on Python, written in Python [more inside]
posted by ikotler on Aug 16, 2012 - 0 comments

Python for biologists

I taught a learn-to-program course this summer for biologists with no previous programming experience. I got lots of requests from the participants for an online version of the course, so here it is! Learn to program in Python with no previous experience required, using lots of biological / bioinformatics examples. [more inside]
posted by primer_dimer on Aug 9, 2012 - 2 comments

Github Explorer: Finding random interesting software projects

Basically one part a way of finding interesting open source software projects on github, one part an experiment in discovery mechanisms. Like Wikipedia's Random Article feature, only less prone to giving you uninteresting things. [more inside]
posted by DRMacIver on Jul 21, 2012 - 7 comments

80s Joke Line

My friends and I built an 80s Joke Line for a hackathon event here in Toronto. You can call in to hear a joke and then share one of your own. It's cobbled together using Flask (a Python web framework) and APIs from Twilio and Soundcloud. The code is on GitHub. We are a bit short on jokes. Maybe you can help with that. [more inside]
posted by chunking express on Apr 18, 2012 - 0 comments

DaveDaveFind: Built with Udacity

I just finished the excellent CS101 course at Udacity, which promised I'd learn to build a search engine in seven weeks. I was skeptical, but sure enough, I did! This very simple search engine is based on the code I learned in class, and searches the Udacity course materials. While building it, I also learned to use the Bottle web framework and Google App Engine. I kept a blog with lots of details here. The next round of classes starts tomorrow, so I thought I'd post this here and encourage anyone interested in learning to build their own to sign up.
posted by ecmendenhall on Apr 15, 2012 - 3 comments

Drunk Eliza

The classic chatbot Eliza written in Entropy, the language of disorder. [more inside]
posted by rottytooth on Feb 22, 2012 - 3 comments

Daily Food Diary

I created a daily food diary to keep track of what I eat, the calories I've consumed, and my thoughts about the day's intake. [more inside]
posted by jsturgill on Feb 16, 2012 - 2 comments

Hammer Principle

Hammer Principle is a site a friend and I created a while back for comparison of different programming languages along different axes. It's since expanded into a variety of other areas, including databases, martial arts and gin (the gin one is sadly very unloved). [more inside]
posted by DRMacIver on Feb 13, 2012 - 2 comments

Commons Image Browser

A website that lets you browse CC and public domain images. [more inside]
posted by jsturgill on Jan 13, 2012 - 22 comments

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