Daily Food Diary
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Daily Food Diary
I created a daily food diary to keep track of what I eat, the calories I've consumed, and my thoughts about the day's intake.

It's similar to calorie loggers at FitDay, livestrong, etc., only simpler, more focused, and not as irritating for me to use. Every day contains a list of food items and calories, and one longform textbox for thoughts/reflections/etc.

Fully functional, but a work in progress in that you should feel free to request a feature. The server does support an encrypted connection via https, but the cert is self-signed (so you'll get a warning from your browser).
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posted by jsturgill (2 comments total)

I've been trying it out and have added yesterday's meagre intake (I'm on a VLCD at the moment). Seems like a nice little system, very simple and easy to use. Personally I doubt I'd use the "thoughts" box and would like to see some more statistics. I guess that's because I'm more of a numbers person.

For example:
a) graph of calorie input per day over time
b) stacked area graph of calorie input, areas are per section of the day to show how you biasing one meal/time. (would require adding time of consumption to the data collection)

I would also be interested in being able to define other variables to track, such as blood glucose and body weight. However, this risks turning the project away from "simpler, more focused, and not as irritating" :)

If you did want to add graphs I'd suggest jqplot, which I've used before and found to be pretty good, given that you already have jquery in the mix.

Thanks for the project, I'm going to keep using it... although my additions are going to be very monotonous while I'm on the VLCD!
posted by samworm at 11:52 PM on February 16, 2012

I have a few projects I'm working on (the image browser, this, and one other), and for all of them I'm trying to do the ship early and often thing. I have some ideas for stats, and when I work on the site some more, I'll be adding a dashboard area to show them and a few graphs. Thanks for the suggestion for jqplot.

One big thing I wanted to do was add a food database to allow the look up of calorie information, but the only open database I could find was a USDA one that provided information for raw ingredients—which is great for the meals you cook on your own, not so great if you eat out of a box fairly often. If anyone reading this knows of a source for structured nutrition data for restaurants and/or packaged foods, let me know.

It may not be too much work to allow for the addition of user-specified checkboxes and/or text boxes to every day's entry. Perhaps that will be next, followed by a dashboard area.
posted by jsturgill at 8:37 AM on February 17, 2012

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