Fifteen Monsters All In A Row
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Fifteen Monsters All In A Row
Fifteen Monsters All In A Row is a short text adventure/twine game (which should work in any browser), where you have to confront fifteen monsters (in a row), which I made for/with my five year old niece and two year old nephew, who designed the monsters, and wrote some of the stories. The game contains 15 monsters (all in a row), several secret monsters (occasionally in a row), multiple solutions to every problem (almost), some exciting stories (occasionally), at least two jokes, and even a super secret special ending.

A couple of years ago (this was designed in 2018, and made in 2019, and then bugfixed and released in 2020), my niece (then 5) and my nephew (who was 2), wanted to design a computer game, so we designed a computer game (the original design document can be seen if you click credits, then design document, on the opening page of the game file, and their original monster art and designs are the ones used in the game itself).

Then I spent so long getting round to actually making it that now she’s 7, and he’s 4, but it's finished now so here it is.

Fifteen Monsters All In A Row: Game
Fifteen Monsters All In A Row: Introduction/Explanation
Estimated Playthrough Time: 10 minutes
Estimated Replayability Factor: Infinite
Role: writer, designer, programmer
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Is the source available anywhere? My daughter is eager to try something like this herself. Super cool!
posted by benzenedream at 6:55 PM on April 30, 2020

I made this using TWINE, which you can download here. Unfortunately, it seems pretty hard to actual publish the source code (in any readable way, at least), but if you install the twine program, you should then be able to import the Fifteen Monsters file from above, by saving it to your computer as an html file, and then choosing it via the "import from file" button in TWINE.

If this works, it should show the game as a kind of map, with all the locations as separate squares, and with arrows showing all the routes between each page, and then clicking on any individual entry will show you the code.
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