The Rocinante, my hand-painted ship model from The Expanse
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The Rocinante, my hand-painted ship model from The Expanse
I wanted to gift my partner a scale model of the Rocinante, the ship of the primary crew on the show/in the books of The Expanse. So I found a 3D printer who could print the ship (credited inside) and I meticulously painted the ship with every detail using reference images and stills from the show, using the Season 4 red/black/grey design.

My process and progress is detailed in this Imgur album, as well as the paints and products used.

3D print: Ryan at 3DGiftsAU, Etsy
Paints: Citadel Colour and The Army Painter'
Time to complete: ~30 hours

I tested my painting skills by purchasing a miniature-painting starter kit, decided I was happy with the results, and immediately began this project. I learned a lot along the way, like the importance of good lighting and proper ergonomics (one 4-hour session spent hunching over a low desk put me out of commission for 2 days), and I also learned how much I enjoy painting models, even the doors and corners.
Role: artist, painter
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Just wanted to say this is super cool.
I've been painting a lot of minis as Covid Hobby Number 6, and I always appreciate seeing other people's technique. I've been doing /mostly/ 28mm individuals, so color consistency and avoiding streakiness over large surfaces have been less of a concern. But it's cool to see how to handle it, and there's certainly some bigger figures in my backlog where the ideas will come in handy.
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