Fogleworms: a series of modular linocut prints
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Fogleworms: a series of modular linocut prints
I spent the last half of January fixated on a simple mathematical proposition about arranging short twisting lines on a square grid, which I nicknamed "Fogleworms"; the terminus (so far) of that particular obsession is this series of 96 modular linocut prints and their four derived "ghost" prints, each mathematically unique.

Besides describing the project in its own right, the writeup collates a lot of my tweeting about the subject and this actual printing project through the end of January and early February; "Fogleworms" comes from Michael Fogleman, the person who originally derailed my brain by posting this tweet.

When I finally got to the point of creating the prints in this set, I live-tweeted a bunch of the process in this long thread, including pictures, process notes, and a couple bits of video.

I'm really happy with how the prints came out and with having executed the whole series; I'm interested in exploring the possibilities of this kind of modular print-making further, and like how naturally it lines up with some of my existing inclinations toward system-based and process-based art.

I also recently executed a similarly combinatorial printing project, the STOP permutations, which is focused on enumerating all the anagrams of the letters in a stop sign. Both the STOP prints and these Fogleworm prints are available for purchase on my store if you're interested in owning a piece.
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I was like, "cortex might like this... oh". :D
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Yay you put it on Projects!
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Yay you put it on Projects!

I did the thing!
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