Women and Other Monsters book
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Women and Other Monsters book
My essay collection about feminism and mythological monsters is out! It's a combination of personal writing and cultural analysis, looking at how myths about monstrous women still influence us and how we can reclaim those images. Of specific interest to Metafilter: it includes a chapter expanded from the essay linked in this FPP, and some discussion of the emotional labor thread including a few quotes from Mefites. (Also mentioned the emotional labor thread on this week's Longform Podcast.)
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This looks so awesome! I'm ordering a copy from my local bookstore for my mom (I've been looking for something special for Mother's Day) and I know she's going to love it. Thanks for posting this!
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This is very timely, especially in light of the terrible way the UK state is treating women.

I love this from the description
"After seeing where compliance gets us--harassed, shut out, and ruled by predators--women have never been more ready to become repellent, fearsome, and ravenous."
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I told my wife about your Women and Other Monsters and to my surprise she bought it, she's been enthusing about it since I got home.

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unearthed, thank you for your evangelism!!
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