UnRoman Romans: texts on outgroups in ancient Rome
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UnRoman Romans: texts on outgroups in ancient Rome
UnRoman Romans is a collection of texts with notes on various outgroups in ancient Rome (actors, athletes, dancers, sex workers, sexual non-conformists and others).

UnRoman Romans was created with students in an undergraduate class on unRoman Romans, and is still being worked on, so advice and suggestions are very welcome. We've tried to make sure it is accessible to and understandable by those with very little knowledge of ancient Rome, but that might be hard for us to judge.

I have another collection of texts on spectacles in the Roman world ( for anyone who likes gladiators. This is not a team project like the above, but it has similar aims: to make this material freely available and accessible to a range of audiences. Again any suggestions or advice would be gratefully accepted.
Role: Instructor, designer, translator
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The book is bookmarked. I love the layout, what/who did you use to assemble the site?
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Thanks. It's on Pressbooks, a version that is provided via the British Columbia department of Education, and which our library helps with. It is really easy to learn, and though it has a few annoying issues I have found it a great platform on the whole. Though it does very annoying things with footnotes imported from elsewhere. Having it with them means you don't have to worry about maintaining or archiving it across open access collections.

I did the basic layout but then students really decided the rest, including shifting stuff, writing and editing. But I had an undergraduate RA who made a lot of that possible, because other students felt easier working with them as a peer. Also they were pretty amazing all round.

So it really is a product of a combined undergraduate class rather than anyone in particular, with very supportive library help.
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