"Axe Feather 2021" - recreating a 16-year-old ad [probably SFW, depending on your work]
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"Axe Feather 2021" - recreating a 16-year-old ad [probably SFW, depending on your work]
In 2004, Axe/Lynx (the deodorant brand) released an interactive advertisement that used then-new video features of the Flash platform. This was a year before YouTube, and the Internet went crazy about their new found ability to virtually tickle a woman lying on a bed. It fell off the Internet in 2009 and with the death of Flash you can't even (easily) see it on archive.org any more... so I recreated it for the modern web.

Why would I do such a thing? You can possibly blame lockdown-induced cabin fever. But more than that, I think that the original ad was groundbreaking and pioneering and deserves to be remembered for the technical milestones the web had reached. This isn't digital preservation, but it's digital recreation: fan service to a long-forgotten advert.

If you want more of the "why", I wrote a couple of thousand words about it. And shared my source code, in case anybody else can learn from it.

The archive.org version is here, if you've still got a Flash player that works.
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Do Subservient Chicken next!

(Also, if you haven't looked into it already, the Flashpoint project would be another great place to archive the original files.)
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