The Manual, by The KLF, cleaned up and proofread
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The Manual, by The KLF, cleaned up and proofread
There’s a cult band from the late 80s onward called the KLF (and other names); they made a step-by-step guide to achieving a number one single with no money or musical skills. Legitimate copies of the book are hard to find, or priced for collectors. Released in 1988, though copies are around on the internet; based on the same source version, there are many typos and OCR artifacts. I decided to clean it up and share.

adrianhon’s post to the blue motivated this, by bringing up the KLF, and the ensuing conversation brought up the OCR errors.
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WOW. I had never heard of this book before, I think. I am so grateful to you for making and posting this! I just gulped it down.

What a funny, edifying, and honestly inspiring HOWTO.

The bit about peppermint!
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The Internet Archive has digitized the 1998 edition, free registration required. I checked it out and fixed up the chapters, which had been a best guess.
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