The Unleashed
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The Unleashed
My late-middle-grade / YA urban fantasy novel about the ghosts of Seattle is free to read online. It follows Mira, a ghost who frees herself from the tether that bound her to the place where she died. Mira learns a terrible secret about the ghosts of Seattle and decides to do something about it.


The Unleashed tells the story of Mira, a young ghost in a small town in Washington State. Like all ghosts, she’s bound by a tether to the place where she died, and she needs Shade — emotional energy from the living — to keep from Fading into nothing. When a powerful ghost without a tether comes to the school where Mira died and tries to terrorize the students to feed off their Shade, Mira fights back and frees herself in the process. Mira meets Liv, another school-bound ghost, and cuts her tether, too. Together, Mira and Liv travel to Seattle to join the free ghosts in Seattle. But they soon discover that their new community holds a horrible secret.

The Unleashed began as a series of notes that I put in my kid's lunchbox for her to read at school. I got really into the story I was telling and decided to make a novel out of it. It's my first effort, and I'm going to keep tinkering with it and see how far it can go. I'm excited about the story and also about teaching myself and my kid how to put something that you make out into the world.
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I am about halfway through and I love it! Had to make myself go to bed because it was just so natural and nice to keep reading, and reading...
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