Let's Rewatch (Podcast)
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Let's Rewatch (Podcast)
An animation project manager, a sound guy, a Youtuber, and a comic book superfan explore the phenomenon of being super hyped about showing your friends a movie you love, but being slightly worried you're over-selling it. I've been a cohost on this podcast, laughing and cringing our way through our old faves, for what is now entering our fourth year! We're asking for some audience write-ins or audio submissions for the next episode.

We don't usually announce our releases in advance, but next episode we're going to try and record some content at San Diego Comic-Con, so we're letting people know 1) so that maybe they can meet us there and chat for a couple minutes while we're recording, and 2) so that people who aren't there/are too busy can write in or pre-record something fun and relevant (and 30 seconds or less) to say about the movie we're watching that I can edit into the show!

That said, we're watching the original Superman from 1978 and discussing Brian Michael Bendis' new "The Man of Steel" comics. If you've read any of the new comics, or if you want to play along with our format and give us either your guess as to how good the movie is before watching it, or watch it and give us a review of how it holds up, we'll be picking several clips/comments to include in the main episode. We might release a bonus content episode with all the extra content if we get too many responses.

If you want in on the fun, you can email your audio to letsrewatch@gmail.com and let us know you're from metafilter! Deadline is July 25th

If you're new to the show, I've only just started putting content warnings in the episode descriptions (like our current episode, Goldfinger), but we've got a pretty big back catalog to listen through that only get's as bad as the occasional swear for the most part.
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