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Metafilter Leaderboard
I've been playing around with this API that I was making for kind of a joke Metafilter-filter extension (I have since shelved the filterer). Since I'm not planning on finishing Metafilter-filter, I wanted to still do something with the API, so I've hooked it up to this website!

If you want access to the full API, feel free to contact me (the full api includes tags & comments on a per user basis (currently, no tags or comments in the table)).

The urls should be shareable, so if you find an interesting view or something you can share it with others.

For all of the stats, you can filter like so:
>10 (greater than 10)
<10 (less than 10)

You can also apply multiple filters, like so:

(more than 20 favs / comment, with more than 10 comments, and more than half of their comments in political threads)

Some clarification:
Popularity is based on total favorites, not favorites per comment.
Political comment percentage is based on the number of comments a user makes in potus45 threads versus all of their comments.

Behind the scenes:
The api gets the latest 600 posts from metafilter and askmetafilter (and the last 100 from metatalk) and then runs a bunch of regex over them to get out all the relevant information. I stand by the information but it might be off by a post or two. It only scrapes once every twelve hours, so it doesn't reflect the most recent changes.

Things I took away:
Metafilter is a small community - I'm not sure I realized how small (~3000 active commenters in the last 30 days).

~550 active commenters comment more than 10 times a month.

There is 1 moderator for every 500 commenters.
Role: developer
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Obligatory moderator disclaimer that stats are just stats, there are no and will never be official site leaderboards, and as with all datawrangling outings the core goal is do interesting things with data and don't be a dingus about anything.

Happy datawanking note: coooooool. I love seeing different lenses into this sort of thing; also well-loved in this context is the long-running Infodumpster, maintained by Combustible Edison Lighthouse, and that in turn is powered by MetaFilter's Infodump files.

I think the most interesting aspect of this at first glance is the twist of including political thread content as a metric; is that basically checking while tabulating whether each source thread does vs. doesn't include a "uspolitics" tag, or some other method?
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Political comment 0.02

My 2 cents!
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“Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket.”
This is interesting. Also, I love that I have 0 when it comes to political comments in the politics threads. Ha.
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Seems legit. I see a lot of names I respect at the top of the "Most Popular" leaderboards.
posted by kevinbelt at 11:53 AM on July 20, 2018

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