Free fonts from the 90s!
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Free fonts from the 90s!
A couple decades ago -- 1996, to be exact -- I tried to design some fonts. I've finally gotten around to recovering them and converting them to modern font formats. So for the enjoyment or abuse of your next print or onscreen project, here are some totally free typeface downloads.

They were originally drafted in Fontographer back when Macromedia owned it. Remember them? I can't find the original FOG files any more; the only extant copies were Classic Mac OS FONT PostScript files, where the font data is in the resource fork. Remember resource forks? Turns out a lot of modern Mac archive formats do not. Damn near had a heart attack digging through directories and finding all my work stored in 0 bytes. Fortunately some old hard drives I had never gotten around to wiping were still fully operable.

They're now converted to TTF files and web font formats, packaged and ready to download. You can grab a ZIP file containing just the TTF or one containing TTF, WOFF and SVG formats, along with a demo file and sample CSS to make it easier to embed in your next web project.

Consider them licensed under some extremely casual form of Creative Commons in which I don't care much what you do with them nor even seek credit, but that if you're going to be generous anyway the namedrop is appreciated. Just don't resell them nor imply that they're available for sale.

The link in the title is to a sample of Ravic, but there are three fonts in total:
  • Ravic, Gothic-seeming but it's all straight lines and quarter-circle arcs.
  • Budado, a kind of disco-ish geometric font.
  • Blivvitor, dot-matrixy if you cross your eyes right.
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These are cool!

(FYI, your links to Blivvitor and Budado are swapped.)
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