The X-Men Made Me Gay
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The X-Men Made Me Gay
An autobiographic comic for The Nib about how early exposure to the 90s X-Men cartoon and subsequent movie gave a confused gay teenager a metaphor to deal with it.
Role: Writer/Artist
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by Artw on August 15, 2016: The best there is at what he does...

Sadly, you are being totally upstaged on The Nib by R. Stevens' cartoon of 'Scottbert' Adams that resulted in a Twitter war he won easily and K.C. Green's "This Is NOT Fine" sequel (with its frighteningly successful tie-in Kickstarter), but still an excellent narrative comic. Bravo to you and Bravo to The Nib 2.0 (or 2.1 or 3.0, I've lost track)!
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What, no links to the twitter war?
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Re Dana Scully: "That is proof of eyesight not heterosexuality." Brilliant. And true.
posted by DevilsAdvocate at 11:41 PM on August 7, 2016

This is great! I had an oddly similar experience.

I went to a catholic school for elementary. In 3rd grade religion class, a student asked "can a boy marry a boy, or a girl marry a girl?"

The teacher responded with something along the lines of "that is called gay, and it is a sin". I was so angry, the variation they were describing was no different than the unfairly persecuted mutants in X-Men. To me, it was just another superpower.

My teacher could see how angry I was and asked me what I was thinking. I dont recall how I responded exactly, but it was emotional and I got sent to the office for it. The X-Men made me an LGBT ally before I knew what LGBT was.
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Is there was actually a Twitter war over anything I wrote please never, ever tell me.
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