A bot in the street but a snowclone in the sheets
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A bot in the street but a snowclone in the sheets
This bot fills out the "___ in the street but a ___ in the sheets" snowclone (originating from "a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets") in various different ways.
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this sums it up:
Aw yeah – a parody in the street but a satire in the sheets.
(one of the first things I learned about 'humor' was that "Get Smart" was parody, not satire)
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Where do the word pairs come from? Is it using various heuristics? Seems like a few of them are based on rhyming, but others clearly involve related words that suggest some kind of semantic understanding.
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Also what's the deal with the timing? Does it tweet in response to certain triggers?
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This one doesn't responding to anything; it's working on a fixed every-three-hours schedule now.

The word pairs come from the Wordnik API. It looks for three kinds of relationship types:

– Antonyms
– Rhymes
– Cross-references

It's fairly simple since Wordnik hands it semantically connected words! The source is here, if you're interested.
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" Bot in the street… ‏@botinthestreet Feb 18

Look out! It's a great-granddaughter in the street but a half-brother in the sheets. 😉 "

Well then.
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Maybe it read "Under the Banner of Heaven" recently!
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For a random selection of words, it sure gets some amusing/saucy combos.
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Like they say, a mineralogist in the street but an archaeologist in the sheets!

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These are completely hysterical!
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