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A twitter bot that uses machine learning to define invented words, posting truncated definitions on Twitter and complete ones on Tumblr. Tweet @lexiconjure a made-up word, and it'll define it for you.

The bot uses an LSTM neural network trained on the Oxford English Dictionary. When you tweet a word (real or made up) @ the bot, you're seeding that generator.

By smashing together random sequences of characters with a genetic algorithm until something that looks (sort of) like a real word comes out, the bot invents its own words to define every 90 minutes.

Code is available on GitHub.
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Looks really neat! What's the average turnaround time on replies?
posted by ignignokt at 7:01 AM on February 21, 2016

Depends on how many people are tweeting @ it. If nobody but you, then < 1 minute. If lots of people, you gotta wait in line. (Also, it was down for the last few hours due to a unicode error that occurred while I was sleeping.) Right now, it's running an an AWS micro instance --- I may upgrade that, but I'm hesitant because if it posts too much it could hit rate limits and get banned by twitter. (In my experience, twitter disapproves of anything that, on average, posts more than once every 2 minutes.)
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Ah, good to know! I'll send it another one.

Looks like each user can tweet 2,400 times per day. It's "further broken down into semi-hourly intervals", so I'd guess that means 50 tweets per half hour? Data point: @godtributes sometimes posts several times in a second, and Twitter is OK with it. (It only posts roughly 20 times per half hour, though.)
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Yeah, the bottleneck is actually the time it takes to process at this point rather than Twitter's rate limiting. The bot ran out of CPU credits on AWS, and so it's got limited computational power until it can be idle for a bit to generate new ones. On the plus side, that means people's timelines won't get totally buried under the bot's posts.

Oh, and right now it's about a day behind on responding to people. But tweets are getting queued, so everyone will get a response eventually.
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