The Sockdolager Quarterly, a magazine of short genre fiction
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The Sockdolager Quarterly, a magazine of short genre fiction
After three invitation-only anthologies organized by founding editor Paul Starr, in 2015 The Sockdolager made three key changes: an additional editor (Alison Wilgus), open submissions, and a quarterly release schedule. As of December 15th, with Issue #4, we've completed our first year!

This year, we published 31 stories by 27 authors from around the world, some of them seasoned professionals and others making their first sale. All of our issues can be read in their entirety online for free, and can also be purchased as ebooks or in print.

Issue #01, Spring 2015
Charge! Love Heart!, by Rhiannon Rasmussen
Panoptes, by Laurence Brothers
Common Knowledge, by A. E. Decker
The Three Brother Cities, by Deborah Walker
Selections from the Aarne-Thompson Index for After the End of Things, by Stewart C Baker
The Sour Thread of Doubt, by Jamie Lackey
The Man on the Church Street Omnibus, by Philip Brian Hall
Wearing the Hat, by Mike Reeves-McMillan
Issue #02, Summer 2015
Palimpsest, by Frances Rowat
Hadley Full of Hate, by Michael Hernshaw
Zofta, by Jasmine Fahmy
Sigrid Under the Mountain, by Charlotte Ashley
Alligators by Twitter, by John Wiswell
The Road to Babel, by Yaroslav Barsukov
A Fistful of Forever, by Igor Teper
Issue #03, Fall 2015
What Happened to Lord Elomar during the Revolution, by Kelly Jennings
Mother Made a Lovely Feast!, by Laura DeHaan
Lock and Key, by Mike Reeves-McMillan
Voice and Silence, by Julia August
The Temple of Thirteen Pleasures, by Laurence Raphael Brothers
Shallow Living, by Angela Enos
Storm on Solar Seas, by T.L. Huchu
Hide Behind, by Jason Kimble
Issue #04, Winter 2015
The Will of Parliament, by Charlotte Ashley
Excerpt Regarding the Departed from the Diagnostic and Necromantic Manual, 5th Edition, by Stewart C Baker
Au Ciel Monte, by Aimee Ogden
Stealing the Sun, by Juan Paulo Rafols
Tamers of the Green, by David Steffen
Things my Mother Told Me, by Nelson Stanley
Casualty, by Whitney Bishop
Ars Longa, Amor Brevis, by David Twiddy
The Sockdolager's previous anthologies:
The Ships We Sail (2012 / projects / the blue)
Puzzle Box (2013 / projects )
You Gotta Wear Shades (2014 / projects / the blue )
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