Puzzle Box: Eleven Pieces of Short Fiction
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Puzzle Box: Eleven Pieces of Short Fiction
Last year I edited a collection of short stories called The Ships We Sail. It was so much fun I decided to do it again, and so I did, with a new, longer anthology entitled Puzzle Box.

Of particular interest to mefites may be "Moxie," by Metafilter's Own™ Narrative Priorities, "The Hand and the Eye," by recent Welcome to Night Vale co-writer Ashley Lierman, and ahem "Captain Fancyknickers and the Murkrat Irregulars," by yours very truly.

I am both proud of and humbled by the high quality of work the contributors turned in, and if you like short genre fiction, I'm reasonably certain you'll find at least one piece in the collection to be worth your time. The collection is currently available directly from the site (via Gumroad) and on the Amazon Kindle Store; iBookstore editions and more are coming soon.
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yay stories.
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