You Gotta Wear Shades
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You Gotta Wear Shades
For two years running I've published genre fiction anthologies on the internet, and now the third one is out! It's called You Gotta Wear Shades, and it's about the kind of problems you want to have. It opens with a great story about a camping trip on Mars by Metafilter's Own Narrative Priorities, and follows that up with six more tales of brighter futures.

The ebook edition is available from Amazon or direct from us via Gumroad, but for the first time you can read all of the stories—and all of the Sockdolager stories everfor free on the site. Wow!

OH OH Also of note—! Metafilter's Own The Whelk wrote a hilarious piece for this collection, about a Victorian historical simulation AI gone MAD WITH POWER.
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posted by The Whelk at 3:52 PM on December 17, 2014 [1 favorite]

Ha! I didn't realize that was The Whelk.
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I hope it's now completely obvious. I mean, VELVET CURTAINS.
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BTW, this is, right now, my favorite opening line

"As creative director of the Beta-quadrant New Millennial Shakespeare Players, Trystyn Webforce had seen plenty of prop laser spears."
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Thanks for the pointer - I really enjoyed this collection. In the first one (Authenticity Soup), my younger self really identify with the intense job performance anxiety of the main character and then Maslow's Howitzer I just plain enjoyed, complete with feel-good ending.
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