The Ships We Sail - an Anthology of Stories about Love in Transit
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The Ships We Sail - an Anthology of Stories about Love in Transit
Over the summer, I packed my hard drive with NASA technical documents and wrote a novella-length story about a manned mission to Mars. Now that and six other stories of adventure and romance are available as an ebook, of which we are very proud!

More information, in the words of our editor. (Each link goes to an excerpt and author bio for the story in question.)
The Ships We Sail is a collection of seven stories featuring both adventure and kissing! We, the editorial staff, are not going to lie: this is a kissing book. But it is also filled with events both harrowing and mundane! Airship chases, shipboard heists, alien space pirates, and daring microgravity maneuvers high above the Red Planet! It is as much about things happening as it is about smooching, in the final analysis. The contributors to this volume come from a wide variety of backgrounds—some are professional writers and published outhors you may even have heard of; others are seeing their first publication with this volume.

Stories include:

"The Crash," by Ruth Lesley, in which the questions left behind by an heiress presumed dead in a dirigible crash lead to a mystery more profound than her lover would ever have guessed.

"The Wake," by Whitney Bishop, in which a transient message written on the waves echoes across the years.

"Lab Notes: Flimax Orpah (et Girt)," by Meg Belviso, in which a misunderstood and underappreciated research biologist on an alien spacecraft discovers she's gotten the wrong idea entirely about one of her specimens.

"While You Were Making Other Plans," by Jenifer K. Leigh, in which a jewel heist on a gambling boat comes with some unexpected bonuses for its mastermind.

"Lady Aurulent, Detective and Purported Sorcerer, in: The Case of the Missing Pilot," by J. Louis Zadorsky, whose title we think speaks for itself.

"Courier," by Miriam Oudin, in which a shipboard romance is helped along by an unlikely, if obliging, messenger.

"Off Nominal," by Alison Wilgus, in which the crew members of the first manned mission to Mars encounter some problems on the way. Some of these problems are easy, merely involving risky maneuvers in zero-gee. But some are hard, and involve talking about feelings.
The Ships We Sail is currently available either as a DRM-free mobi/epub/html package, or a direct purchase from the Kindle store. An iBooks version will join them shortly.
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Annnnnnd the iBooks edition is online as well! If you read primarily on your iPad, it's worth checking out -- this version is my favorite of the bunch.
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