My Path To Trans Motherhood
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My Path To Trans Motherhood
"I’m still learning what my kind of motherhood would look like, since I live among institutions and ideologies that continue to question my existence."

I wrote an essay about navigating the goals of adoption and becoming a mother as a trans woman, and it was published today on Buzzfeed! Take a look if you're interested :)

It's my second piece for Buzzfeed -- and my first actually discussed my relationship with Metafilter and other online spaces over the years. If you're interested in that one, you can read it here.

Many thanks!
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This was lovely. I'm a mother in a traditional setup -- cis, hetero, yada yada -- but I related a lot to your description of other people assuming that you grew up the same way they did. For me, it's included things like certain pop culture rites of passage as well as the assumption that I took part in the kinds of friendships that other people had. Nope; sorry, wasn't there. Don't know what that meant. Don't know how I'm going to pass that on.

The way you've taken that feeling and made it real for me without dimming the strength of your own experience is a testament to your skill as a writer. Thanks.
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