Words for Music for Films
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Words for Music for Films
Written accompaniment for Brian Eno's classic album Music for Films.

I have listened to Music for Films by Brian Eno a lot. Not just through iTunes while writing these pieces, but on the CD I ripped into iTunes three or four computers ago, on a 45 minute home-taped cassette clicking over endlessly within an auto-reversing Walkman, and on vinyl picked up from a secondhand record store in Sydney. I didn’t know who Brian Eno was when I bought it, I was just hungry for anything that looked different, anything that was new and unfathomable to me.

How many times have I listened to it? It would be in the thousands. iTunes reports that I have listened to one track 561 times in the two and half years I have owned this computer. Almost all of those listens would have come while writing the piece accompanying the track as it played on repeat in the background.
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Well, I sure loved that album. I think Wernor Herzog used some of it.
posted by Oyéah at 10:50 AM on November 11, 2015

I love music for films, had it on cassette back in the day. I also had all the other early albums, including No pussyfooting, which is also awesome.
posted by marienbad at 5:09 PM on November 15, 2015

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