Radioactive Trailers
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Radioactive Trailers
COMING SOON TO OUR THEATER! Monsters! Aliens! Bikers! Vampires! Witches! Dinosaurs! Barbarians! Zombies! Natives! Swordsmen! Devil worshipers! Cool cats! Ass-kicking soul brothers! Sorceresses! Sharktopi! Action! Horror! Mystery! The occult! Low production values! Nonsensical editing! Cheesy acting! Cheap special effects! Ed Wood! Roger Corman! Bert I. Gordon! The Asylum! And much more! Please visit our snack bar! Movies are your best value! And now--OUR SHOW (NSFW in places) Extra: Drive-In Intermissions!

The great thing about the trailers for bad movies is that you often get most of the good bits right there without having to suffer through a movie that will often be 90% talking heads.

As filler material for MST3K Club, I constructed a long YouTube playlist of weird movie trailers, and it was fun enough to present here as its own thing. Originally made to feature MST3K entries, along the way lots of other stuff got added too! Recommended to be watched on Shuffle.

Curation criteria:
- It must have actually been used to promote the movie at one point. A couple of items are fan-made, but are not edited for comic effect.
- It can't be too well-made overall. However, being featured on MST3K is an automatic pass.
- Entertainment value in the trailer itself, although it may be difficult to see for a neophyte. An ominous voice promising horrible things over a black screen? Yes please!

Good luck, we're all counting on you.
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