Rogue on a hexagonal grid -- reimagined
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Rogue on a hexagonal grid -- reimagined
Rogue is the original roguelike game. I made the java applet version of it in 1997 here. I wrote hexagonal rogue a few years later.

The old hexagonal version was poorly tuned and somewhat incomplete.

I have revisited this old code, and got it working. It now permits saving/restoring games, and has a new appearance and a bunch of added stuff.

I think it is worth a look from roguelike fans.

It is a Java applet. Java applets are despised by current web browsers--java must be installed from (your browser will prompt for this) and then you must click through some ominous warnings about running this dangerous software. But a rogue must be tough, persevering, and laugh at danger. If you've got what it takes, take it.

Also, javascript is needed to change the rogue's name--this is only necessary to save games,
as games are saved on the server under the rogue's name.
Role: designer programmer etc. It's all me.
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This is a serious chocolate & peanut butter situation for me.
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