If you are having trouble finding a good short novel
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If you are having trouble finding a good short novel
My novella, Dead Man's Trail, was recently published. It is a gut-shot Western, the story of a man who prospected in the Gila Mountains until he nearly went mad and then is called on to help guide a posse to capture the vicious killer, Coffin Jack. Soon, the other members of the posse are butchered and he must fight alone against a phantom whose face he's never seen.

Spaghetti Western in its atmosphere, Dead Man's Trail is set in 1880s Arizona. As added content, I have written up a brief introduction to the Apache Wars.

The publisher, Seven Archons Press, chose to release it only in print format (here from Amazon) and here from Barnes and Noble. It runs 100 pages (22,000 words). The first two chapters are available online (same as the first link). A further excerpt is available here.

Martin Hill Ortiz has written an unnerving and irresistible novella of vengeance and justice in the Old West. This is a writer who knows how to wield the weapon of suspense. Dead Man’s Trail will remind you of the work of Larry McMurtry and Cormac McCarthy and will remind you as well of just why you started reading stories in the first place—to be transported to a world more vivid than the one you’re living in. John Dufresne, No Regrets, Coyote.

Dufresne is too polite. McCarthy sustains a delirium of poetry beyond what I can achieve. My work does evoke his themes and aims for his intensity, however.
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Additional note. Joseph Conrad is fully awesome's recent fpp was the inspiration to getting around to posting this, but we are not in collusion (even though he did make a front page post out of my other recent Mefi Project).
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Oh, brilliant. I loved A Predatory Mind and I will definitely be adding this to my Christmas list. Congratulations!
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