Dragondot 2 - sidescrolling circular dragony action!
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Dragondot 2 - sidescrolling circular dragony action!
I've recently completed my first Unity game, and I'm pretty proud of it. Much like the original, Dragondot 2 features a heroic circular dragon defending her territory from encroaching monsters, collecting gold to level up and gain new powers, and protecting/tolerating/eating her loyal kobold followers. The game features a diverse cast of foes, including four distinctive and challenging boss fights which will test your mastery of all your draconic combat abilities. There's a free demo built right into the website, and if you try it and want more the full game is only $3.

The Dragondot series originated several years ago, when I was making a game every week using Processing. For one of the games, I wanted to make an action-RPG-ish sort of thing, and (largely because I lack any traditional art skills) I decided to make all the characters colored circles. You can play the Flash port of the original game on Kongregate. Several spinoffs and variations on the theme followed, notably including Dragondot's Extreme Beach Volleyball (inspired by Slime Volleyball and Mario Tennis) and Kobold Goes Alone, which ranked #5 in Fun out of 288 competition entries in Ludum Dare 20.
Role: Designer/Programmer/Composer/"Artist"
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I've played the demo and quite enjoyed what of it I found there, it's got nice music at least!
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