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Can you help gran to survive winter? A game that portrays the bleak challenges faced by some older people via the medium of virtual pet toys.

It's built entirely with HTML5, and intended to make people consider some of the financial and social issues without preaching at them. Hopefully it's fun and disturbing.
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I made it to 4.6 days. Is that good or bad?
posted by oceanjesse at 4:42 PM on December 12, 2013

I killed The Tories killed Granny. The game is lovely looking tho.
posted by urbanwhaleshark at 6:01 PM on December 12, 2013

I love this. Let mine die indecently quickly but she went out dancing ;-) Actually feels very poignant as my (real) Granny tragically died of untreated depression (so I think my Granagotchi spent too much time trying to call her nephew and forgot to eat and stay warm). Seriously, this is a wonderful idea. Thank you - will spread the word. Fave new hobby that I so don't have time for - pls don't tell my (real-life) family ;-)
posted by elimerchant at 2:11 AM on December 13, 2013

This certainly captures the feelings of hopelessness that come with trying to keep elderly family members alive and well.
posted by limeonaire at 7:23 PM on December 22, 2013

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