How to Shoot a Wolf
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How to Shoot a Wolf
MFK Fisher's 'How to Cook a Wolf' was a masterpiece of food writing that explored the time of food rations during WW2 (related, related). We set out create a photo series that would capture the tone and atmosphere of the book and to explore that kind of hunger - going from comfortable fulfillment to a forced cutting back. Photographed recipes include sardine pie, tomato soup cake, chicken foot soup, and ladyslipper tea, along with moldy cheese, pigeons, and frogs. Delicious. This is our 5th in a series (previously, previously, previously).
Role: art director
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This is amazing!!
posted by Miko at 6:42 PM on November 1, 2011

Really beautiful and evocative. I know your inspiration is a book on food rationing during WWII but really I saw it as a post-apocalyptic time in the very near future. It frightened me a little.
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