What Democracy Looks Like In... ITALY! (podcast episode)
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What Democracy Looks Like In... ITALY! (podcast episode)
Feeling depressed after the US presidential debate? Take comfort from a country that survived not only the original fascist dictatorship, but an even sleazier corrupt billionaire president, Silvio Berlusconi! The What Democracy Looks Like In... Podcast visits Italy to talk corruption, the public good, and doing democracy at the local scale.

What Democracy Looks Like In... is a podcast where ordinary voters try to explain how democracy works in their country. Former episodes have covered South Korea, Chile, India, Mexico, and the UK. I've been doing it as a fun side-project since 2022 and plan to finish in the Fall of this year, with 10 countries in total.

Talking about Italy in the wake of the European Parliamentary Elections was interesting, because Italy currently has an openly far-right prime minister the likes of which we may soon be seeing in France.

Other highlights include:

- How everyday voters navigate Italy's infamously complicated system of coalition politics and proportional representation.

- What makes a ceremonial President different to a Monarch? (This is the Republican-turned-Monarchist version of a Democracy In... Podcast regular feature).

- How Italy has fought back against organized crime and it's corrupting influence on democracy in general and elections specifically. My Italian guest Piero had lived in Mexico, so was able to make some interesting comparisons to the earlier episode about the situation in that country.

As I mentioned, I'm planning on wrapping this podcast project up in September with a final episode on the US. I have a couple more countries in the works at the moment, but if you or someone you know is interested in representing your country on the show, drop me a line! I've been hitting a wall every time I've tried to find guests from countries in Africa. I'd love to do an episode on Kenya or Nigeria, for instance.
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