True Stories
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True Stories
Was a live series of conversations from June 6th to 8th– in person and online – which aimed to address an increasingly urgent issue: tackling misinformation, disinformation and fake news in an online environment. Now streaming on YouTube, links below.

The West End Phoenix , started eight years ago by Dave Bidini (writer, journalist, musician and co-founder of the Rheostatics ,) is a local periodical community newspaper for Toronto’s West End whose readership stretches across the city and the country. I've been a volunteer delivery boy for the paper since day 1 (only missed 1 issue in 8 years!) and recently had the opportunity to help pull together a streaming set-up for a 3-day series of informal chats about disinformation. It's very seat-of-the-pants (there are raffles!); an honest and low-key chat at the WEP's comfy office just off Bloor Street in downtown Toronto.

Episode 1 features Josh Visser (formerly of Vice Media) who will be in conversation with Mack Lamoureux (formerly of Vice News).
Episode 2 features Gabby Lim (Citizen Lab Doctoral Fellow), in conversation with Vass Bednar, (Executive Director and Master of Public Policy in Digital Society at McMaster University)
Episode 3 features Pro Publica Journalist Craig Silverman, in conversation with policy analyst and former Toronto Mayoral candidate Chloe Brown, on how to properly navigate online spaces, the information environment and key tools on debunking disinformation.
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