arcc, the Apocalypse Recovery Computing Cluster
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arcc, the Apocalypse Recovery Computing Cluster
Multiuser web-based emulation of a fictional late-’70s computer system created by shadowy technologists who were convinced it could help Britain rise again after nuclear war. Features 3D vector graphics, videos, apps, games, messaging and secrets to discover.

arcc was announced on Christmas Day 2022, but I've held off on posting it here until after launch (on Christmas Day 2023).

There's a dev diary for ticket holders with behind-the-scenes info, and the whole thing is based on vaguely feasible technology for the time... but applied in a ridiculous way by arrogant people with dubious aims.
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Just wanted to say how much I loved this weird, beautiful thing. I know it's asking a lot for people to spend real money for anything in 2024, but if you're on the fence, it's an affordable one-time fee and well worth it — especially if you have any interest in retro computers and videogames, ARG-like communities, or experimental online communities.
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