Ontario Barn Preservation
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Ontario Barn Preservation
Saving the old barns in Ontario, Canada for our rural heritage.

I've been volunteering with Ontario Barn Preservation, a non-profit here in Ontario, Canada for about 2 years now. I manage most of the social media, write the newsletter, and various administration things.

In particular I'm posting here to let people know about the "Your Old Barn Study". A project to document old barns, either those still standing or those already gone. Last year we won an award from the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario for Public Education and Engagement.

There aren't many groups for saving barns in Canada, so far I've only found one active in Alberta. The US has several. I'm hoping sharing the link and information will help bring more interest in the old barns and documenting them. Maybe even keep some of them around for people to visit and see what a barn is really like, smells and all.
Role: Administrative Assistant
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