The Infinite 8-Bit Computer Game Character Archive
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The Infinite 8-Bit Computer Game Character Archive
The Infinite 8-Bit Computer Game Character Archive generates character histories for an infinite amount of imaginary 8-Bit computer game characters from an infinite amount of imaginary 8-Bit computer games from some endless 1980s somewhere.

I decided to make this when I started playing Earthbound the other day, and liking the bit at the start where you can have it randomly choose names for all your characters if you can't be bothered to name them yourself.

I made the sprites in Pulp, the Playdate game maker machine, largely because I couldn't actually find any straight pixel art editor that worked properly. Anyway, that's why these are all tiny little 8x8 monochrome animations rather than anything more lavish and/or system accurate.

The list of originating systems was aided by the use of this marvellous wikipedia page. I hope they're all genuine, but who can ever truly know.
Role: writer, programmer
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Got this funny biography: "In Action Sphere featuring Tiger Rose Tiger Rose's animation cycle used up 15 of the available 16K of memory. This meant there was no space left for any other animations, text, or even an ending to the game, which instead continued on indefinitely."
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I like this! One minor quibble, the undo/redo buttons actually make new characters rather than allowing you to return to previous ones. I found one that tickled me, but then couldn't get back to it.
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Yeah, sorry about that. That's one of the problems of making this in twine. The back button's built in automatically, but then the way I've made this the page just randomly generates new numbers each time it's loaded, and rather than remember the previous state of the previous page, the back button just goes back to the previous page and reloads it.
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I just get an error:

There was an error with your request
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Ah, sorry. What browser/system are you using? It should work in any browser, but you do need javascript turned on.
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Works now; could have just been a glitch with at the time.
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