Illustrated Meditation for Comfort After a Traumatic Loss
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Illustrated Meditation for Comfort After a Traumatic Loss
The sample chapter linked here is from Visualizations for Heartbreak, which I self-published in 2020 (in print and electronic versions). The narrative of the book focuses on the traumatic ending of a romantic relationship, but the anguish, rage, shame, and catharsis depicted in its pages are also relevant to other experiences with difficult good-byes. The text is accompanied by photographs and collages (also by the author), and I've recently had recordings made of me reading the text. I believe there is a need for this book, but so far I haven't had much success marketing it. Any suggestions are welcome!
Role: writer, photographer, artist, audio reader
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As someone who had a traumatic loss of romantic relationship (witnessed the sudden unexpected death of my husband) a decade ago, this sample was very comforting.

Might I suggest a video, editing your voice recording with the images fading into one another? Even just this small sample edited that way would be a good advertisement.
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Buildmyworld, I am very sorry to hear of the profound loss you have suffered. Thank you so much for your suggestion to create a video. I love this idea! That you found the sample comforting is very meaningful to me, and thank you again for your response.
posted by prairiecatherine at 6:40 AM on August 27, 2022

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