BOKEH game
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BOKEH game
I wanted to make a simple webgame similar to those old Flash ones where you eat smaller fish & avoid bigger ones. A 'budget' of 1-1.5 days seemed sensible and I tweeted updates while building it.
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posted by malevolent (5 comments total) 2 users marked this as a favorite

That's lovely! is it part of the challenge that it's hard to differentiate the size of item you can touch and survive, or is there some visual cue I'm not noticing?
posted by the antecedent of that pronoun at 8:18 AM on April 21

You just have to judge the size by eye, I'm afraid, and it varies by a fixed range so it gets a bit trickier as the circles get larger.
posted by malevolent at 11:43 AM on April 21

Absolutely gorgeous!
posted by chrispy108 at 3:31 PM on April 23

Nice one. Atmospheric sound that builds.
posted by Hardcore Poser at 5:31 PM on April 23

It’s so pretty! Really delivers on the name.
posted by moonmilk at 9:07 PM on April 23

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