Essex, England, May 2003
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Essex, England, May 2003
"On May 3rd, 2003, I got a digital camera as a present from my parents. I was 24, living at home, and in the middle of doing my degree. We had two cats, and were soon to get a third. Like everyone else with their first digital camera, I immediately spent the next month taking pictures of all the incredibly mundane things you were never really allowed to take pictures of before. Bookshelves and bathrooms and carpets and curtains. Desktops, cupboards, TV screens. Cats. So many cats. Then I forgot all about ever taking them, and never looked at any of them again until now. So here are nearly a thousand pictures of Essex, England, in May 2003. Almost all of them are extremely boring. A significant proportion of them are either of myself or my cats. 99% of them are in 640*480 format. 23% of them are extremely blurry."
Role: photographer
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love the shot of the ceefax screen. Memories....
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I was struck by how recent some of it seems - for example, your kitchen looks reasonably modern, and your shrine to Iain M Banks masquerading as a bookshelf could be the one in my study. Conversely, there was so much physical media lying around - tapes, discs and cartridges for consoles, CDs - and how that feels like a very distant memory.

I'm not sure the black cat with yellow eyes was a fan of the camera.
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I've just noticed that one of these pictures seems to contain a glimpse of metafilter in the corner of the screen, and what appears to a snippet of this thread.
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