The Chaoyang Trap - A Newsletter about Everyday Life on the Chinese Internet
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The Chaoyang Trap - A Newsletter about Everyday Life on the Chinese Internet
A group-chat-as-newsletter about online culture in China. CT is a regular (usually fortnightly) exploration of contemporary China, one important niche at a time. We’re interested in marginal subcultures, tiny obsessions, and unexpected connections.

It’s a newsletter, broadly, about the culture of being online in China and, specifically, about the hidden phenomenon, emergent trends, and unusual mashups that are bubbling up on the Chinese web. It features field notes, observations, illustrations, ethnographies, photo essays, and the sublime journalistic form of chat screenshots.

We've put out two "episodes" so far, covering topics that include
"China’s First Listener,” “Rich Kids English Police,” “Luo Xiang Detective Club,” and “Advanced Lesbianism.”
Role: Co-founder, group chat member
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Oh, hey! I found this through a link on the garbage day substack, it's neat to see it show up here. Have been enjoying the perspective shift. Kudos!
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I"m excited about the latest episode on Taiwanese indie music!
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