Recent work at USGS Water
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Recent work at USGS Water
This is a link to a blog, which is itself a project that I have worked on, along with other teammates. It highlights work that I and my coworkers at U.S. Geological Survey Water Mission Area have been working on over the past few years.

The Water Data for the Nation team is working hard to rebuild the largest single water data access system in the world, which was first released over 25 years ago. We started with rebuilding the core monitoring location pages which we have been continuously improving based on user research and feedback. We have been doing extensive user research with cooperators at 18F to determine who are users are and how they use our systems. We are also working on next generation water data access APIs, based on the rapidly developing OGCAPI family of standards. We are doing our best to work toward best practices in government service delivery, product management and open source software development. I am proud to be part of the product management team that is bringing this work forward.
The USGS Water Data Science Team, has produced a number of data visualizations recently: Data Science in the Water Mission Area has big plans in 2021, including more visualizations, knowledge guided machine learning, water predictions, and reproducible workflows.
Both the Data Science group and the Water Data for the Nation Product Management Team are hiring right now for both remote positions and in Tuscaloosa Alabama.
Role: Product Manager
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This is amazing. This makes me want to assemble a USGS post on the blue because I have used USGS data for a bunch of fun things. I have basically no time to do it but one of these days...
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